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  1. Me too, easily. plus, "Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters" by Marc Almond & the Willing Sinners Paul Simon's "Rhythm of the Saints" and Petar Dundov "Ideas from the Pond" - all most played, most joy, consistently... Always curious when someone does not what their favourite might be, but I suppose only time can tell...
  2. Yea, the emphasis on darkness had me believing the Concert Hall was going to make an effort to make the room dark, it was in fact the brightest space I have ever heard them perform in!! They definitely sound all grown up now. Accomplished.
  3. They are just so good. Thanks all. https://soundcloud.com/synthplicity1/ae-d02-n527-2018 Zoom Mic, Main Balcony - not the worst bootleg ever, but for ae live it does the gig as much justice as a polaroid picture in the dark.
  4. Grand, yea, seen Jean-Michel Jarre do his Oxygene there, plus BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Stars of the Lid, all sounded cool. I have a Main Balcony seat for sale if anyone wants - https://www.adverts.ie/concerts-festivals/autechre/15813695 - will trade for trips -
  5. OK, that was the instrumental album I was listening to, the proper album is crammed packed full of additional 'hilarities' from the Doctors sample bag of trix... plus I like the songs, nice Orb.
  6. 'No Sound...' is all quite pleasant, bright fun summer vibes, I expect to hear it all over various advertising campaigns very soon too… COW was a real treat, it is so slight it is barely there, can play it on a loop for hours, nice.
  7. While listening to recent NTS Session my partner expressed her condolences as it was so good Autechre had obviously 'sold out'.
  8. Balcony seats this time, sound in this lecture hall can be curious at the best of times. Hooray hooray hooray.
  9. ...or as ancient aliens conspirators believe; proof points to the fact that Sean & Rob have in fact been visited by beings from another realm who imparted aural gifts of the God upon them to thrill and entertain the apes of earth...
  10. Some cool NEW sounds on - https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?patAmt=0.01&u=9912902 - you might get your early orb fix... WTF is that? Kris Weston's new music, sounds great IMO, just an hour or so so far, sketches and parts, lush strings, some home made effects, a pitched beat and a majestic assassin embryo thing... just a couple of euro a month and who knows what might materialize...
  11. Some cool NEW sounds on - https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?patAmt=0.01&u=9912902 - you might get your early orb fix...
  12. Fantastic. On repeat 4-9pm. So much FUN, laughter and delight. Encore. Encore for real!! ENCOREENCOREENCORE.
  13. Some of the vocal parts are from Uncle Sleazy. So nice to have him back in the room. Amen.
  14. "...a mazy manifestation of bio-electronic feedback systems that gives voice to the machine as much as the man operating it in a way that will really speak to followers of classic electronic music."
  15. I seen them live without ever knowing from where or who and they were very entertaining...
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