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  1. People don't really listen to the album, I think. It's like they all say it's great, but they don't actually listen to it lol
  2. You guys DO know it's not news, right?
  3. I'm still waiting for this to happen. Just like you, when I listen to Geogaddi & Campfire Headphase, I hear layer upon layer upon layer of sonic beauty, yet when I listen to Tomorrow's Harvest, I'm just not getting that depth. It seems muddled and shallow to my ears. I'm sure it will hit me at some point too. It won't. The album is just empty. That's what the band wanted to go with
  4. Surely you jest No, not really. TCH is most similar to my favorite LP by BoC- that's why it's higher. Geogaddi is a masterpiece just like TCH and MHTRTC and lost by a few points
  5. 1. The Campfire Headphase 2. Music Has The Right To Children 3. Trans Canada Highway 4. Geogaddi 5. Boc Maxima
  6. Please do it, HOWEVER do not forget about a CD release if you DO go through with it, please
  7. I think that TCH was more about the band telling us where they were mentally and emotionally at the time of the release, while TH is basically reading the future out of a crystall ball
  8. I want more tracks like Soylent Night. All of the Hell Interface tracks are waaaaay darker than usual BoC stuff, so an LP by them under this moniker may be great
  9. Excellent first episode, but I like it when plot unveils slowly. Can't wait for tonight's episode
  10. The ARP was not boring, but it made me expect way more than was delivered
  11. Old Tunes are pretty dope
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