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  1. Here's my 2c on what is good so far in 2017 and yes, its in alphabetical order... Actress - AZD alice - popsongsforpornstars Aphex Twin - 3 Gerald Remix / 24 TSIM 2 (personally, 24 TSIM 2 is a far better track than 3 Gerald Remix... my 1yr old son agrees) Arca - Arca Christoph de Babalon - Grim Zenith Clark - Death Peak Com Truise - Iteration Daedelus - Baker's Dozen (recommend all 5 Baker's Dozen releases) DJ Harrison - Hazy Moods Juicy The Emissary - Attention Kmart Choppers Mux Mool - Implied Lines PANTS AND SOCKS - Rave New World Sufjan Stevens/Bryce Dessner/Nico Muhly/James McAlister - Planetarium Vacant - Nocturnal Washed Out - Get Lost
  2. I really can't stand money Anybody trade or gift belongings anymore? What do you have for trade?
  3. The single is selling for $20/piece at Technical Equipment Supply (don't forget to add 6% sales tax). Just in case people want to weigh the selling price vs. Discogs/Ebay prices.
  4. Ok, for the haters on CCAI2... get the vinyl and play it at 45RPM. The album is over fast, but it sounds more like the glitchy RDJ stuff people like.
  5. Did anyone notice the vinyl shows the RPM to be 33 or 45? Two albums for one!
  6. I believe these may be alternate mixes of the final album tracks. Only people at the listening parties or who obtain a copy of the real album can confirm right now... well besides James himself.
  7. Update: Each album is being charge for 7 GPB, but received an email after purchasing two albums (one that wasn't on the site last night and another that stopped halfway through download) stating music is free and will not be charged. The two albums are showing as a pending charge and will let everyone know if the payment is rejected by BD Recordings. I did manage to get "Dwaalicht - Call It What You Want" downloaded before it was removed and had 35 tracks. "Frederik Schikowski - Morgens Bis Mitternacht" is the album that took Dwaalicht's place.
  8. I decided to go browsing some music sites for Richrud D. Jomes and found "Smacking A Tiny Mermaid" that has matching track names to SYRO. Not sure if this is more of the SoundCloud material or what, but it's free! Anyone have any info on this? https://bd-recordings.bandcamp.com/album/smacking-a-tiny-mermaid There is also https://bd-recordings.bandcamp.com/album/auhpx-town that appears to be alternate version of well known RDJ tracks.
  9. My copy arrived today with the tracks "Away Away / Lions Manor". Someone has already posted the track for Lions Manor that I have. The "Away Away" track hasn't... I bumped my subscription to Knob Twiddler and will upload Away Away once I figure out how it works.
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