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Community Answers

  1. GANs are fun. Here's an animation that's too big to post. Here are some pictures:
  2. Production on some Charli XCX songs is way more interesting and forward looking than idm which is still aping late 90s acid breaks
  3. Sounds like bad luck. I've had a pair of Solovair monkey boots for 10 years and they're still going strong. Build quality is orders of magnitude better than DMs.
  4. Not only pay the bill but keep Hyperdub afloat in the process. Shifts plenty of units but it's sync for tv and film where the money comes in.
  5. Made this animation with some nice spatial audio effects (HRTF binaural or as the twats call in '8D sound' and some doppler stuff). Here are some BTS stills:
  6. Do you have a room in your house with hundreds of these piled up?
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