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  1. Looking forward to their incredibly lucrative come back tour in 2 years time
  2. Nice, yeh the sample instead of this synth is a drastic improvement. So much of getting a good mix is in the sound selection and arrangement.
  3. Very pleasant sound. Everything's clear and has it's own place but there's still enough glue in there keeping things cohesive. What did the original sound like? I'd be interested to hear for comparison and about your process (I'm also currently revisiting some old music and re-mixing it). One constructive crit is that you can probably get away with having a bit more bass in there without muddying things up.
  4. Wow, looks like a piss take of a parody a satire of a bad film. Hope Mr. Oizo is getting paid for the blatant rip off of Positiff
  5. I made a 3 hour 19 min 1 sec track for an installation but it's a bit pants. I like this 24 min 16 sec one for another installation though. https://infinitevibes.bandcamp.com/track/colours
  6. It was all backed up, stop being silly sausages
  7. Just chiming in to agree with the above sentiment re Mr. Robot. It fell flat plenty of times in S2 & 3 but when it works it's a great show and one of the few truly creatively ambitious TV shows in recent times. Definitely worth sticking with it for the whole ride. Enjoy 🙂
  8. Such sad news, he brought lots of hilarity to these parts of cyberspace. RIP Salv
  9. I am once again enjoying fluid simulations https://www.instagram.com/p/CKolxGnDSYf/ (why won't this vid embed?)
  10. A devastating loss for music. Sophie was a true original in a world full of copycats and imo the brightest electronic music talent to emerge in the 21st century. At a time when club music was dark, aggressive, serious and bereft of new ideas Sophie came along with a fresh vision, unheard sounds, a surreal sense of humour and a feeling of exuberance. I’ll never forget hearing Bipp for the first time and initially thinking I hated it but being so intrigued by it’s uniqueness of sonics and approach that I couldn’t stop listening. My brain took around 5 listens in a row to adjust and I
  11. Not a bad remix but a bit tepid, you'd hope for more from Æ. Freestyle's obviously quite a big influence on Sophie's more straight up dancey stuff (Nothing More To Say/EEEHHH and the Sfire stuff) so the orch hit at the start of the remix is a nice knowing nod to that style. There's an enjoyably trippy space to this remix but what made the original stand out so much when it was released was the wiggly, plasticy sound design, the lack of drums (in a dance pop song!) and the fun positive energy at a time when UK dance music was mostly very serious and masculine. This remix does away with al
  12. Sophie's the best producer of the last decade. Making stuff that's accessible but also fresh sounding, weird and genuinely occupying it's own world isn't an easy thing to do. Bipp was a game changer when it came out 7.5 years ago. No one else is sculpting sound with such a sharp blade. There's some neat production on Charli XCX's last* album, more interesting sonically than most stuff out there: *not including the hastily made lockdown one
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