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  1. Anyone used Redux much? I used to enjoy writing percussive parts in Renoise but pretty much stopped because Rewire is a slight faff. Can you write long complex parts in Redux and use all the same pattern commands + fx?
  2. Once again thought this was a Mumdance thread from the corner of my eye.
  3. They've been trendy again since late 2012 when Hackney Parrot came out, Guardian even slower than usual.
  4. Very lovely indeed and definitely a great fit for Border Community - sounds a little like some of Luke Abbott's earlier stuff.
  5. iviviv.bandcamp.com/ https://toot.bandcamp.com
  6. Imagine being freaked out by simple geometric shapes.
  7. Sort of but not really... Pensado's Place http://songexploder.net/ https://www.npr.org/podcasts/528124256/meet-the-composer https://soundcloud.com/chillygonzales/musics-cool-with-chilly-gonzales-episode-1-daft-punk
  8. Ziz donated his fee to charity and used the debate to try to promote Bernie Sanders to Peterson's followers.
  9. Zizzo on his agenda for the debate: https://youtu.be/MTtwrqtBI00?t=893
  10. Fond memories of Tom playing a rinsing jungle + acid set in Thetford Forest about 15 years ago. Screaming "KEEP THE RAVE ALIVE" and then getting silly on his bass.
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