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  1. Mutable Instruments modules ported to iOS for free! https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/spectrum-synthesizer-bundle/id1467384251
  2. Saddened by the lack of Rustie. Hope he's okay, heard a rumour he was coming back.
  3. I'd love some new Nozinja tbh.
  4. Where do you get your ideas from?
  5. @user I think you can just sign up for the beta and grab the cv tools.
  6. Nice. Do I hear a computer game influence in these tracks? Most of them make me want to defeat the bad guys.
  7. Thanks you gents for listening and thanks for the very helpful critique. Taken onboard and implementing.
  8. My thread seems to've disappeared, here's a nearly done track. How's it sounding out there? https://instaud.io/3JMD 💧
  9. Thanks for your replies @T3551ER & @plugexpert (just realised I was listening to your tunes on the Renoise forum 11 years ago), I'm going to give the demo a whirl but seeing as I already have Renoise should probably stop being such a basic bitch and get Rewire back into the old workflow.
  10. Anyone used Redux much? I used to enjoy writing percussive parts in Renoise but pretty much stopped because Rewire is a slight faff. Can you write long complex parts in Redux and use all the same pattern commands + fx?
  11. Once again thought this was a Mumdance thread from the corner of my eye.
  12. They've been trendy again since late 2012 when Hackney Parrot came out, Guardian even slower than usual.
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