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  1. Sophie's the best producer of the last decade. Making stuff that's accessible but also fresh sounding, weird and genuinely occupying it's own world isn't an easy thing to do. Bipp was a game changer when it came out 7.5 years ago. No one else is sculpting sound with such a sharp blade. There's some neat production on Charli XCX's last* album, more interesting sonically than most stuff out there: *not including the hastily made lockdown one
  2. Some DL codes: https://infinitevibes.bandcamp.com/yum ddsb-6rsf x4mw-3sez jerq-hlrg 97lf-5acu zlsv-bbdp npq7-xhx2 56bd-e5ac byxs-u33w w2ee-54h4 sm6f-bapa
  3. New/old/more soon... 🍾
  4. And he ends by paraphrasing Mao, "Revolution is not a garden party."...yeesh
  5. Oh boy the Saturn had some great games. NiGHTS and Virtual On both beauties.
  6. @Zooluus your images are gorgeous. I'm obsessed with fluid simulation these days:
  7. Lovely cover art (as always) and some great moods in the sounds. Can't help but feel that he's good at invoking a vibe but that it's usually let down by the meandering structures that feel like a few sketches chucked together. Haven't been properly into one of his releases since r+7 where the structures better serviced the whole.
  8. I really liked I'm Thinking of Ending Things, enthralling and emotional film that stayed in my head for days after. Le Cercle Rouge was the last thing I watched and it's great. Super stylish and creates tension through space and silence rather than pummeling you with action/fast cuts/BRAAAAMS!
  9. Made hundreds and the only one that doesn't piss me off is this long thing from 10 years ago that sounds nothing like anything else I've done: http://infinitevibes.bandcamp.com/track/colours
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