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  1. Made hundreds and the only one that doesn't piss me off is this long thing from 10 years ago that sounds nothing like anything else I've done: http://infinitevibes.bandcamp.com/track/colours
  2. I don't play games but this looks + sounds ace https://youtu.be/-yo8I1-kZ6U
  3. I've downloaded Unreal but yet to explore it - just not enough hours in the day and enjoying getting acquainted with Blender rn. Definitely interested in making some interactive and possibly VR stuff in Unreal though. I'm not so into making totally generative stuff tbh but there are some cool tools I've messed with for generating complex geometry that you can then play with. Check out the (free) add-ons Tissue and jsplacement if that's your thing. My python skills are rudimentary at best but I'd like to modify the excellent Molecular add-on to make it pay attention to object rotation, honestly not like to happen in the near future though. Couldn't help but notice that your name is viscosity, that's one of my favourite things to play with in Blender:
  4. I'm totally new to 3d as of 2 months ago so haven't played with anything else though all the best renders I see online are done with C4D or Houdini + a fancy render engine .That stuff will set you back thousands so I'm happy dicking about with free software on an old laptop for now. Apparently Epic Games have recently given loads of money to the Blender Foundation which is bound to speed up development.
  5. Cheers. Yep, Blender's been my hobby in lockdown. Mad and great that it's totally free.
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