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  1. I did this in Cafe Oto once 🙂 specifically remember a complaint during We like To Party. Bloody philistines.
  2. Narcissism comes across as pretty lame whoever you are.
  3. For sure shitify listeners isn't the only metric to measure value to a label. I don't know what went on behind the scenes with Clark but I'm guessing Branding Problem is a clue. He seems to get a decent amount of soundtrack work + sync so hope that continues to be successful for him.
  4. Danny Brown, Flying Lotus, Yves Tumor all getting more than a million Shitify listeners a month (interestingly so is Nightmares on Wax). Warp along with the rest of the world has mostly moved on from turn of the millennium idm, it is what it is.
  5. Wishing everyone a happy #IDM2020

  6. Much fun. Still use it sometimes via 32 Lives.
  7. I was more talking about newer signings.
  8. It's best not to really think about Warp as the label they were 20 years ago, they've morphed into a totally different thing. They're pretty much a US based 'whatever's trendy' label business now. I'm not against what they're doing but it's best to look elsewhere if you're after 'experimental' club music. Glad that Patten's last album got a lot of good press after he was dropped too.
  9. He was dropped last year
  10. Lots of percussion routed through the filter of the ms20 with the resonance up giving the distinctive metallic ting iirc
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