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  1. Warp Fusion (Stable Diffusion): Disco Diffusion: Modelscope: Gen-1: VQGAN x EbSynth:
  2. That's not true at all though...Deforum, Warp Fusion, Kaliber, Maua all have distinct looks and that's just Stable Diffusion based ones. Then there's Disco Diffusion, VQGAN, Pytti...then the text to video stuff like ModelScope and Gen-2.
  3. This just looks like a front end for Deforum. Why not use that instead?
  4. Finland absolutely robbed by the jury. Time to rise up against the ruling elites?
  5. Maybe he just finds talking to the press a bit awkward? Also it's not like the press just quote people verbatim, they pretty much always edit and fluff up what's been said.
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