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  1. klore


    Saw this a few days ago and I seriously don't get it. The last Haxan Cloak album was mostly just a collection of horror movie trailer sounds so if the music in that promo ripped him off, every sound designer who's ever worked on a trailer might as well accuse HC of ripping them off. Also, I don't even hear the resemblance between those HC tracks and the stuff in the Tidal thing. Unless HC is the sole inventor of screeching noises and low donk sounds?! Either way his reaction makes him look like a dork. I still like Excavations though. yeah seen this too and got the same thoughts, there is a ressemblance, it's clear, but same will be the next Rolland Emmerich trailer on youtube, this climbing climax with noize and reverb and those tonal kicks always works though but not really Haxan Cloak propriety
  2. klore


    they've put another one online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmDq08HFNnw the WTF saga continues .......
  3. klore


    I like this guy Jayleh
  4. klore


    lol is this an April's fool or whhaht !!!
  5. klore


    best part is when they rise the fucking champagne !!!! what the actual F*!!!!
  6. klore


    i'm surprised noboday talked about that on WATMM also is there RDJ at 0.36 ! i mean WTF ? (not sure it's him) personally i think this a bad idea and quite hypocrite considering majority of those people are causing the whole industry blackout
  7. hey guys, i have so many music sides and this is my last one i don't know if any of you are into pop synthpop music here l'll be glad to have your feedbacks, this song was a hell of work it's a duo band of myself and James Yuill cheers
  8. CD wise, i don't see the point, CD sound doesn't add anything better then what we already have, i'd even say it can be worst because we'll loose the low rate charm here and last point which is really negative is as a fan boy i'd be upset to not have all the tunes on vinyl, i don't see the interest on making a top 20/30 or 40 it's so subjective, if at least RDJ would make that top list, it'd make sense, if not, that would be complicated to make people pleased, there are 155 (+2) fucking tunes, a fair half of them are amazing, the other half are REALLY good. arffff i can see the furstration coming sorry for being negative :(
  9. i'm sure it has been posted already but hell .... what an amazing thing ! made my day EDIT: don't skip, all the thing here is to let them coming slowly, mind blowing
  10. ahah all cool mate just, although some hardcore tweekings, to me digital reverb sounds perfect, straight, pure i personally prefer the analog imperfection, it has more grain, more flaw but yeah on the paper a numeric reverb is way better, you can program, EQ, add gates as much you can easily, i use this a lot when i'm lazy, but when i plug my fostex, the sound is immediately charming
  11. as a big Arovane fan this made my day. damn i feel like i'm 20 again, i've always though all hose IDM excitements were from the past. those last months are incredible
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