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  1. Here's a few more acts from the early 00s that may have passed some of you by. Magnétophone. More analogue and lo-fi compared to Autechre, but these were one of my favourite acts from that era. Melodium. French act, think he's still going. I used to fucking love this. E*Vax. Quite sparse and delicate, a bit like ISAN who I see were mentioned earlier in this thread. The singles were a bit better than this album, but they're not online anywhere that I can find. Electric Company. Wauvenfold EU "Reframing". Autechre soundalikes from Russia. https://eumusic.bandcamp.com/album/reframing
  2. I had a quick skim through this thread, didn't see mention of Gimmik "Slow Motion Process"; it's basically the closest thing you'll hear to "Incunabula" without it being "Incunabula". One of many bands I discovered from the John Peel show in late 99s and early 00s.
  3. Nope, actual colours. Orange and green on gray, apparently.
  4. My mate works at a printers, they're currently printing the LP and CD packaging for 2 new Autechre albums. Similar artwork for both, in different colours.
  5. ... take a guess at the locations in which the tracks were recorded. five overall, three recorded in cornwall, two in london. might also relate to the locations shown in the video? I wondered if it had anything to do with the map on the cover. The majority of the image is of the Redruth area, from Portreath harbour down to Stithians reservoir, but there's a strip at the top which is the Porthleven area. Me too!
  6. A couple of SCD-related questions to take a break from all the Collapse EP hype: 1. Has anyone made a comprehensive list that sorts the Soundcloud tracks into rough eras? and 2. Have the Soundcloud tracks that were added as bonus tracks in the online store been mastered or altered in any way? Ta.
  7. I *know someone* who works at a printers, and *he* would totally lose *his* job if *he* told you what *he* is currently printing. :)
  8. One day, we might actually get a SAW 7... fingers crossed.
  9. Got back from the school run to find a Cheetah on my doormat. Initial impression is it's a lovely little EP, the sounds are gorgeous. And I successfully managed to peel the track-listing label off the cellophane and stick it on the back cover with minimal trouble, so I'm doubly happy.
  10. I done a vote. Human Rotation needs more love, as does Flabbard.
  11. SAW2 track 17 (Z Twig) SAW2 track 23 (White Blur 2)
  12. "He's gone! He's been taken up!" "No, there He is. Over there." Monty Python 1979.
  13. Don't panic, the account is still there, just changed name slightly.: https://soundcloud.com/8user48736353001
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