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A bit about me...I live in the Akron area (Northeast Ohio, United States)...lived around these parts my whole life. Received my BA in English Lit. from Kent State in 2005 and my MFA in Poetry from Youngstown State in 2008. I have been teaching first year writing at the University of Akron and Kent State Stark Campus since then.


As far as electronic music goes, I happened to stumble on it by accident. Picked up a copy of "Surrender" by the Chemical Brothers in a used CD store when I was in late middle school. Eventually discovered warehouse parties, DJ'd for a while...pawned my turntables in college...got into producing sometime in graduate school and have been working at it ever since.


I started the Altered Echo Project with a friend of mine about a 9 months ago...we are a creative commons "sound mutation" project...we don't really consider ourselves a netlabel, though we do publish people's music. We release multi-tracks and samples, free to use, with every single release. All of this content is made available for free. Please check us out at www.altered-echo.com

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