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  1. I would just get the songs written first and worry about all the other crap later...I used to do this cart before the horse thing both in software land and hardware land. these days I try to just write a song w basic sounds in any gear scenario and get the rest levels eq dynamics sound design after i have a song written.
  2. yea....4-500usd is pretty much the synth entry point price IMO. and I'm not sold on all these cheap modern mono analogs...I feel like the brutes and the new bass station are pretty bread and butter...I actually far prefer NI Monark to all three...but any of them would be good to learn on. I know it's gotten a lot of hate one the web but I love the new electribe.
  3. One thing I've learned over the years is that by and large you get what you pay for when it comes to instruments and music gear. Of course there are those great bang for buck products out there, but try as much as is possible to know what you are buying. The MicroBrute isn't a terrible option. Would be fantastic for someone with no clue about synthesis to learn on. I will say that after about 18 months with one, I just never got on that well with it. There was a honeymoon period but I found more and more that it either sounded terribly bland or distorted (good distorted, but not my flavor)
  4. I really like my Lexicon MX200, it has everything but distortion though. Two fxs at once. Can be used via a VST in your DAW and uses the unit's DSP (so doesn't use system resources, or very very little). As four routing options. Can get them for peanuts ~100USD. Get one with a power source though! I had a heck of a time finding an aftermarket power source... It is rather bread and butter, but pretty much everything sounds good on it. For distortion you could also just drive your drums into the mixer channel a bit. Depending on your mixer, it might not sound good, but worth a shot.
  5. Yes. With a hybrid setup if you don't even need a room full of synths, really. I mean theoretically just a monosynth would probably get you all the sounds you would ever need. That really isn't as much fun though!
  6. I was all software for a long time, went a bit nuts a few years ago and bought more than I could afford and ended up selling most of it. But I learned a lot about why I would want to use hardware--I like the immediacy and find the tactile experience inspiring. I also like doing live jams and improv type tracks which is much harder to do with software. Now I am back to generating 75% of my sounds with hardware and doing a lot of out of the box work. We live in the greatest era of music making devices ever. I want to take advantage of it all! I run a hybrid setup. A lot of my gear gets seque
  7. I agree having a super grizzled Gibson has Max would have been pretty bad-ass, but that isn't going to stop me from seeing and enjoying it. The Mad Max movies are easily some of my favorite movies of all time. I'll admit some of these remakes/reboots of late have been pretty bad, but this doesn't seem to scratch the surface of how bad it could be...and you've go the original director...so you know (hope) that he will go to bat for his vision rather than caving into the singular goal of making a box office smash.
  8. The demos never tell the whole story. Though admittedly this has sounded too good to be true all along. I will reserve judgement for now...but...ugh...if it turns out this demo pretty much represents what one can get out of the Rhythm Wolf, Akai won't be getting any of my dollars. At that price point/sound quality you'd be 1,000% better off with some Volcas. (Not knocking the Volcas, the Keys is quite a fun box for what it is...)
  9. Yes. I know what you mean. I think all synths digital/analog, hardware/software usually have a "sound" to them. I have listened to all kinds of synth demos over the years. I do agree this is good homework, but I feel like I never really know until I get something in the studio whether I really like it or not. But my ears are demo bound (once again).
  10. I'm heading out on a vacation tomorrow morning...but thank you for all the responses! I will take all of these suggestions into consideration. I appreciate the warm welcome in the form of these responses. Quite a few options here I didn't even know existed, I'm excited to research them and listen to the demos!
  11. While I appreciate your concern for my wallet, I don't get much out of doing sound design with a mouse and VSTs. I do use them and have bought and sold many of them over the years. I currently use Alchemy if I choose to work in the box. Maybe I am being esoteric and foolish, but I really just prefer a physical instrument in front of me. I will have to have a closer look at the Modular G2. Seems to be something like that new Roland box in the Aira series, though I suspect much more flexible.
  12. Thank you. I think I *know* that the Nord Rack 2x is the best answer to what I'm after, but since it'll be months until I could afford one; a combination of GAS/curiosity has sent me looking at other options. I don't think one ever really becomes totally satisfied with a hardware setup, but the Nord Rack 2x would round out a setup in which I wouldn't *need* another synth. Wanting is another matter entirely. I think I want to go in a direction where I have fewer synths, just a few I know really well, and more timbre and tone shaping options. If anyone else has any suggestions I'm all ears :
  13. Hey all Pretty new here...thought this might make a sort of introduction thread...so anyway...I run a hardware/software setup...at the moment I have a MicroBrute, Anode MeeBlip and Volca Keys...so I have analog territory well covered as far as my needs go. As versatile as I find these synths combined with my other hardware and later manipulating them in my DAW I feel like I am wanting a knobby, polyphonic digital synth. The top contender on the list is a Nord Lead 2x but I am also looking into perhaps a JP 8080 or MS2000R. I dont require a sequencer or keys on any of them. Im looking f
  14. LOL...you've got it bad : ) enjoy.... I still use software, but am a hardware-head at heart... I like using both to have the best of both worlds...
  15. Zoom MS-70CDR http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MS70CDR/ Love it : )
  16. A recent picture. I've added a Nord Drum (grabbed a 99USD one from Musician's Friend during the blowout) and two half-rack compressors aren't picture here, Joe Meek MC2 and FMR RNC.
  17. "Vagina Music" (her term, not mine...girl singer/song writer stuff...one voice, one acoustic guitar) and a lot "indie" stuff...I dunno what any of it is because it's on the radio lol...she also likes 90's Trip Hop and does a sexy fucking version of Sour Times at karaoke <3
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