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  1. Sold out on Touched Bandcamp. Last 25 remaining copies are available through Juno (5 copies) & Norman (20 copies). Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/covert-ii-ep/640391-01/ Norman: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/163460-various-covert-ii
  2. Thank you all for the amazing support! Less than 50 copies left now after release date / world cancer day, vinyl will sell out soon! https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/covert-ii-ep
  3. Vinyl EP & digital release now, a more lengthy CD/digital (no vinyl) later on.
  4. So that's about 125 records gone now, thanks for the support so far, appreciated! Get it here: https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/covert-ii-ep Thx!
  5. Hi guys, pre-orders for our ‘Various – Covert II’ release in cooperation with Touched are available now. All proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support, thank you! ARTIST: VARIOUS TITLE: COVERT II Release date: 4th of February 2017 - World Cancer Day Label: De:tuned [in cooperation with Touched] Cat no: ASGDE013 Format: Vinyl 12”, Digital Country: Belgium Barcode: 5414180240135 Artwork: The Designers Republic - MITDR™ Style: Electronica BUY: https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/covert-ii-ep De:tuned, Touched and some of the planet’s greatest electronic musicians have combined forces for an amazing cause on World Cancer Day 2017. The result is a unique piece and milestone: the first ever vinyl release ‘Various - Covert II’ for Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support. A mask of invisibility, anonymity serves to enhance the work for charity. De:tuned’s recent Brainbox compilation, the infamous Touched series and both their back catalogue of related prolific artists laid the foundations for ‘Covert II’ featuring 5 previously unreleased tracks offering a variety of cornish acidic sounds, playful structures and melodies that will take the listener on a journey into future worlds. All anonymous artists have contributed their music for free. Sheffield based influential graphic studio ‘The Designers Republic’, known for their highly distinctive work for labels such as Warp, generously offered their time and designed fitting artwork in their own fresh and recognizable style. The Covert II EP has been professionally mastered and cut for free by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering to ensure the highest listening pleasure. ‘Covert II’ will be available as a limited 180gr vinyl release sold directly via Touched’s Bandcamp page with all proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. Your vinyl purchase includes a high-quality download and unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app and comes with a De:tuned & Touched sticker. The first 50 records will include a De:tuned ‘Brainbox’ MP3 download card. De:tuned and Touched would like to thank all the artists, The Designers Republic and Matt at Alchemy Mastering for their contributions and support. Let the music take control! TRACKLIST: A1 Unknown - Sharp As Usual 04:41 A2 Unknown - Filmed Lipear 04:43 A3 Unknown - S O…L Ar.. Skies 04:22 B1 Unknown - Song In Song 05:02 B2 Unknown - 9a9a Ran 06:20 facebook.com/detunedrecords facebook.com/touchedmusic
  6. Yes, I know. Juno Download offers all digital formats. Bleep contacted me 2 weeks ago & asked if they could sell digitals (of course they can & probably will). Vinyl is distributed by Triple Vision and digital via EPM, so they probably weren't aware of any digital format. Re 5 Years De:tuned: most likely never (at least not at the moment) : not because we want to keep it vinyl exclusive, just because it wasn't part of the deal w/ all artists involved. We might have a look into it later on though.
  7. Just a little heads up as distribution is sold out & the last 25 remaining copies will be shipped to the shops early this month. Also, here are a few links for the digiheads: Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/brainbox/3251796-02/ Hardwax: https://hardwax.com/51918/various-artists/brainbox/ Clone: https://clone.nl/digital/item3251796.html Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Brainbox-Various-artists/dp/B01MG5NVVX iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/brainbox/id1169504393 Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/label/de-tuned/52536 ... Thanks!
  8. 'Brainbox' is out today. Solid Steel legend DJ Food presents a 1 hour De:tuned mix of selections from the box, past releases and some forthcoming exclusives: Enjoy!
  9. Cheers guys! Little give away 'one copy of Brainbox (6 x 12”) test pressings' going on at our page as we speak: https://www.facebook.com/detunedrecords Feel free ...
  10. Hi, we are excited to announce our ‘Brainbox’ compilation. ‘Brainbox’ will be available as a limited edition (300 copies worldwide) 6LP vinyl box set (including MP3 download & sticker) and digital release. Mastered by Matt Colton and artwork by Kevin Foakes from Openmind (aka Strictly Kev, DJ Food from Ninja Tune). Out in stores (vinyl/digital) on November 18th. TRACKLIST: A1 In Sync - Crack In The World 10:10 A2 John Beltran - Nineteen Eighty Nine 05:12 B1 B12 - Worlds End 06:15 B2 Seba - Ryu-ki 08:15 C1 Move D & Dman - Redundanz & Aufmerksamkeit 06:08 C2 Leo Anibaldi - Panacèa 07:08 D Deepchord - Citrus & Wood 11:46 E1 As One - Where Did He Go … And Why 07:51 E2 Scanner - Eros 06:22 F1 The Future Sound Of London - Obollis 04:45 F2 As One - Where Did He Go … And Why (Heinrich Mueller Lamb Shift Model)04:40 F3 As One - Where Did He Go … And Why (Plaid Remix) 04:39 G1 Nu Era - The North View 05:55 G2 Total Science - Winds Of Change 08:44 H1 Spacetime Continuum - Tri Decagon 05:47 H2 PFM - Aspirations 09:10 I1 Mike Dred - Gate Of Origin 07:32 I2 David Morley - Mode 90 05:49 J1 Robert Leiner - Psalm 101 07:42 J2 Cristian Vogel - Edit Out Wanky Solo 07:01 K1 Ø - Fermionit 05:54 K2 Meat Beat Manifesto - Synthesizer Test 05:53 L1 μ-Ziq - Lilt N'Vectif 04:08 L2 Locust - Dispelling 84-94 04:27 L3 Speedy J - Halvemaan 06:07 Listen: https://soundcloud.com/detunedrecords/sets/various-artists-brainbox VINYL: Rushhour: http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=93052 Norman: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/162042-various-brainbox Deejay: http://www.deejay.de/Various_Artists_Brainbox_-_Ltd_Boxset_ASGDE011__248066 Decks: http://www.decks.de/t/various_artists-brainbox/c8b-ko Bleep: https://bleep.com/release/77018-various-artists-brainbox Japhy: http://www.japhy.co.uk/various-brainbox-de-tuned.html Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/brainbox/631065-01/ DIGITAL: Juno: http://www.junodownl...box/3251796-02/ Hardwax: https://hardwax.com/...tists/brainbox/ Clone: https://clone.nl/dig...tem3251796.html Amazon: https://www.amazon.c...s/dp/B01MG5NVVX iTunes: https://itunes.apple...ox/id1169504393 Beatport: https://www.beatport.../de-tuned/52536 In addition to the music, we've worked with designer Kevin Foakes from Openmind (aka Strictly Kev, DJ Food from Ninja Tune) who has translated the diverse musical theme of the album into stunning graphic artwork (all records housed in individually printed inner sleeves)
  11. Got some messages about our B12 release, so for the ones who've missed it ... a repress of 250 copies is back in stock as we speak.
  12. Yes indeed, Carpe Sonum is taking care of the CD & digital version, we're doing vinyl.
  13. Hi, our new album by David Morley is out now: ‘The Origin of Storms’ is a series of purely synth based tracks inspired by the music of Conrad Schnitzler and consorts. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/david-morley-the-origin-of-storms/606870-01 http://www.phonicarecords.com/product/view/137339 https://hardwax.com/75611/david-morley/the-origin-of-storms https://clone.nl/item40321.html http://www.rushhour.nl/store_detailed.php?item=89818
  14. Hi guys, New B12 release on De:tuned coming up later this month. 'B12 - Transient Life' will be out (vinyl & digital) 26th of February. Vinyl: https://hardwax.com/75196/b12/transient-life http://www.deejay.de/ASGDE009_-_B12_-_Transient_Life_-_12inch__216220 http://www.decks.de/t/b12-transient_life/c6p-ie http://www.triplevision.nl/release/ASGDE009 http://www.phonicarecords.com/product/view/135309 http://www.japhy.co.uk/b12-transient-life-de-tuned.html http://www.juno.co.uk/products/b12-transient-life/600219-01 Digital: http://www.junodownload.com/products/b12-transient-life/2995166-02 https://hardwax.com/75196/b12/transient-life https://clone.nl/digital/item2995166.html
  15. Yes - personally I think Erik van den Broek is one of the most talented producers around & a really nice bloke as well!
  16. All well-known shops (such as Juno, Hardwax, ... ) & digital as well this time: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/la-synthesis-agraphobia-relapse/590076-01 http://www.junodownload.com/products/la-synthesis-agraphobia-relapse/2904889-02 Thanks for the support
  17. Hi, our upcoming De:tuned release is an EP (vinyl - digital) from L.A Synthesis, including their classic track from 1994, Agraphobia (remastered by Matt Colton), with new remixes by Plaid, Ian o'Brien, Terrace, ADJ and Carl Finlow. Artwork by Abdul Haqq. 'Agraphobia Relapse' is due for release on 6 November '15. Enjoy
  18. Luke will have a track (archive - old stuff) on our upcoming 'Various Artists - 5 Years De:tuned' box set compilation out Monday, 15th of December.
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