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  1. I know Wicksy's got a PhD in the properties of organic fibres and the relative aerodynamic characteristics under different climatological stresses. And apparently he's been hand whittling his own handles out of reclaimed railway sleepers since he were a whippersnapper.
  2. He's clarified a bit on his soundcloud. Doesn't think it's a hoax. Concerned about the government using it to push through actions to further deprive civil liberties (and that I can definitely agree with). Pleased with that. Nice one Rich 👍
  3. I agree it's a lot of promo, but the evidence points towards it being a re-skinned BS2. Box art looks very similar to the Warp 30th anniversary BS2 from last year but with all black keys. So unless it's got some pretty neat new bells and whistles, the hardware side may be a little underwhelming. But, if they plug the hardware release with an afx BS2 ep or something, that could be cool.
  4. There is no question that there are people who will be looking to profit from this situation. There is also no question to me that the actions of some of those in power (particularly in the US) are dubious, and most likely self-serving. To extrapolate that to the nth degree , and come to the conclusion that the whole thing is faked, and is a conspiracy is paranoid nonsense, and could only be made by an armchair commentator who has gone deep on sketchy youtube videos and now believes to be able to see behind the curtain. It would never be the opinion of anyone who has spent any time in a hospital during the peak of this crisis.
  5. Yeah, it seems to be relatively low level COVID questioning, linking to vids etc. Nothing wrong with asking questions, especially given the amount of disinformation out there. Still, it's a bit of a kick in the teeth, and some of it just plain insulting, to those of us who are fans of his music and have been working in this shit since the start of this year.
  6. Seems like a lot of promo for a BS2 re-skin +/- updated firmware. My hopes are on some new music to go with it. A BS2 themed ep perhaps
  7. Totally. Synth artist does something synth related with a synth company. He’s changed.
  8. I doubt it’ll be in the £3.5-£4K pro-5/10 competition bracket. Hopefully it will come with some new tunes like when he did his stuff with Korg.
  9. https://twitter.com/phonicarecords/status/1313114352803811330?s=20 🧐
  10. Amazing cheers. Only just got the email now. Tickets booked.
  11. Anyone get the London presale link yet, or will it be sent at 10am?
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