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  1. All of my dreams over the past few months have been about failing to accomplish impossible tasks. Last night I dreamt that I had to take care of chickens and turkeys and for some reason I just couldn't get the grain to their feeders, and I couldn't refill their water. I kept trying and it wouldn't work, and I was disappointing everybody who put their trust in me. In other news, I hate my entire life and I want to die.
  2. Im waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail
  3. I think im gonna end up having sex with one of my best friends, which is weird because she is also having sex with one of my other best friends. She has been coming onto me more and more strongly lately. This is a strange situation.
  4. Alcoholism doesnt always manifest in extreme ways like that. The way it's diagnosed is subjective. Basically, if you feel bad about drinking but you do it anyway then youre an alcoholic.
  5. Im worried about how many americans are currently asking for nuclear war.
  6. Frequency modulated experimental rhythmic processing https://archive.org/download/polychaosfmfm/polychaosfmfm.mp3
  7. Huh? If you strengthen the weaker side, then wouldn't that just make the war longer and more disastrous? If you dont want war, then you should fund Russia so that they can win quickly without much unnecessary death. Just look at what happened in WWI, equally matched sides just kept throwing lives away.
  8. The only thing hotter than this war is the news reporter in that vid
  9. Nice track! I like the effect on the chord synth in the beginning of the track. I would also consider going back on the bass drum a bit and adding a synth bass to round out the harmony. Im interested in seeing where you go with this one.
  10. I've never understood what people have against this guy. He's just trying to make people more aware of child abuse in mainstream entertainment. Are we really going to pretend that isn't a real thing and instead make fun of one of the only people who's actually talking about it?
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