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  1. What camera did you use for those ? The photos look professional.
  2. It actually does look pretty good for cutting pomegranates. Thanks for the idea.
  3. I used to have an Opinel mushroom knife but lost it on a deep woods adventure I wanted to replace it but the amount of ticks I was getting convinced me to cut down significantly on the amount of time I was spending in the woods (especially after a couple friends got the alpha gal allergy from Lone Star ticks). Other than that, I've heard good things about Moras and still might get one for general use but not today.
  4. This thread has reminded me why politics is a waste of time. I’m not about to spend years of my life arguing about petty details that will only end up making the world even worse than it already is. Forgive me for causing this mess. If you stop thinking about politics, your quality of life will improve massively, by the way. I strongly recommend it.
  5. Elected politicians and business executives are both just trying to sell something. Politicians are trying to sell themselves to the public, while business executives are trying to sell themselves to the shareholders. Neither group has honest intentions, because honesty doesn't sell. It's that simple. The modern republic is a political system that effectively disqualifies honest people from leadership, and ensures that only those who are willing to manipulate the passions are inaugurated into public office. This has been especially apparent in the most recent U.S. presidential election, but even a cursory overview of the political world reveals it to be the case.
  6. Why ? Personally, I don't see a difference.
  7. And yet you somehow justify having blind faith that the government knows what it's doing. Regulating Facebook doesn't lead to genocide, but having this level of trust in the government without bothering to think about what it's doing is exactly the kind of mentality that results in genocides.
  8. The name "Chevy Chase" is derived from "Cheivy Chace", the name of the land patented to Colonel Joseph Belt from Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore on July 10, 1725. It has historic associations to a 1388 battle between Lord Percy of England and Earl Douglas of Scotland, the subject of the ballad entitled "The Ballad of Chevy Chase". At issue in this "chevauchée" (a French word describing a border raid) were hunting grounds or a "chace" in the Cheviot Hills of Northumberland and Otterburn.
  9. Or people can just stop using Facebook. The government shouldn’t be a substitute for common sense. This is how genocides happen.
  10. It’s almost as if those thousands of years of ascetics abandoning the world and living with no possessions in the desert for the rest of their lives happened for a reason or something. Woah.
  11. Why do you get to decide what the norms of society are ?
  12. My landlord’s last message mentioned his recent infatuation with Ravel’s second string quartet. It was written in a heavier hand than I remember seeing. Trees have lost their limbs and telephones have rung a little longer than they should have. Such is Thanksgiving week’s interlude into a bold December. Sometimes the morbid scares are more attractive than these hoarse undertones that are always veering a little with every comment that needs to be repeated over the arpeggios of falling ice.
  13. i already left maryland, though. i honestly miss shovelling shit. i feel better at the end of the day.
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