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  1. I used to spend a lot of time at that aquarium as a kid. Actually, I think I slept overnight there on a field trip once. Looks like I'm the third one ITT who's been there. Sealife Center most IDM 2019.
  2. Renoise has a feature where you can trigger an entire MIDI phrase with just one note input, so maybe look into that. I'm not sure how the DAW works with MIDI controllers, but it might be very easy to do.
  3. I'm surprised I could hear that tone. Last I checked I couldn't hear anything above 6kHz.
  4. I like how unnatural the faces look in Escalators
  5. Is there an app that can help me to get extra 297.3Hz on my 268.9Hz ?
  6. This thesis was posted on John Wall's web site. It has an interesting analysis of the Constructions that helped me appreciate it more closely. They're quite a bit more structured than one would think on a single, cursory listen of the pieces.
  7. It's actually an Egyptian oud Edit: I think the melody that you're hearing at the end is actually someone singing, not an instrument.
  8. Your sound design and composition here is spot-on for a spacey sci-fi story. The main thing that I think it could benefit from is more spacial mixing. I'd say the higher lead synths could do with some reverb, and maybe a subtle layer of broadband noise would help smooth out the mix. The high-resonance filter (0:40-2:15) and the fast arpeggio (0:30-1:20) are the two things that I found myself getting bothered by, and they were distracting from the other interesting sounds. It seems like there are a lot of sounds occupying the same frequency range in the first half, so there's a lot that's barely audible. I love the bass synth, but between 2:00 and 2:30 sounds like it's bleeding through the filter somehow and letting unpleasant mid frequencies through, which sounds kind of like some sort of AC power interference.
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