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  1. Learning proper singing or taking up a wind instrument are both really great ways to keep your breathing healthy and strong. It’s one of the many wonderful ways that music can help us stay in tune during the turbulence of life.
  2. Just in case anyone forgot what a beast John Coltrane was
  3. I upgraded my laptop to Pure OS . . . and then realized that my computer’s wireless chip requires a proprietary driver. So now I have a computer with no WiFi capabilities, and I’m faced with the difficult dilemma of conceding to Debian’s proprietary packages, going down a rabbit hole of finding a libre wireless chip that’s also compatible with my laptop, or simply getting an Ethernet dongle and using wired connections from now on.
  4. Is it Richard Stallman Edit: or Noam Chomsky
  5. The name actually becomes much more manageable when you remember it in the form of a song
  6. "People who think that practical advantages are more important than freedom are going to lose their freedom." What a beautiful summary of why I hate these unnecessary, internet-connected spy devices.
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