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  1. Why would there be so much ancient art depicting demons if they arent real? The beings we see in our peripheral vision may not be hallucinations at all, but real creatures that are hiding from view.
  2. Demons want you to believe they arent real. As long as you believe them, they will tell you that THEIR thoughts are YOUR thoughts. This is how they push you to extreme acts like suicide. Suicide is their ultimate victory. You have nothing to gain from self harm, just like you have nothing to gain from psychiatry. The only way to freedom is to reject the foreign thoughts that have infected your mind. Trust your own experiences of reality, and dont let other people tell you what they think about it. Your mind needs to belong to you, not anyone else and least of all the spirits of the air. Fight your own battle, and do so with a clear mind and a stable determination.
  3. The great delusion of modern psychology, and “civilized” society as a whole is the idea that our brains are pieces of meat that belong to us. This could not be further from the truth. This delusion comes from a deadly fallacy: our experience of the world can be taken at face value. The common belief among empirically focused institutions is that our world can be objectively observed through physical measurements and inductive reasoning. However, what is overlooked is that all empirical measurement has to pass through the filter of personal experience. Every axiom ever “established” by science is founded on presumptions that were agreed upon by human beings who all had the idea to overlook this private filter. Now here’s the kicker: people who reject this presumption are believed to be insane. Diagnoses such as “schizophrenia” and “paranoia” are terms used to describe those who have a differing filter than the authorities who build and maintain civic institutions. How do they choose to respond to these deviations from their presumed norm? Through empirical observation, of course. What they fail to consider is that there may in fact be a race of entities who exist in between this filter and reality. These beings, the Demons, are able to manipulate the filter of observation such that they are undetected by empirical observation. The people who are described as schizophrenic all have experiences where they see or hear these demons. Is it possible that these people are simply more resistant to malignant foreign manipulation? It’s certainly possible. Unfortunately, the authorities disagree. They build mental health clinics specifically to detain these resistant people and feed them “medicine” that in fact damages their ability to perceive the true nature of reality. Wonder who’s behind this? You guessed it, the Demons themselves. Their powers are so insidious that they are able to manipulate the civilizations of the world to persecute the only humans who are aware of them. Quite the powerful entities, no? There is only one way to fight against these beings: reject the institutions of power, and all the ideas they perpetuate. Their most powerful tool, by far, is music. They invented music specifically in order to disrupt our thought processes. It’s no coincidence that music emerged at the same time as civilization itself, with musical instruments being among the earliest extant tools of primitive humanity. This is because music is the earliest tool invented by the Demons to enslave us. It’s designed to impede our thought processes by repeating, looping, and using simple patterns upon which our minds fixate. These patterns become fused into our neural pathways and cause our minds to stumble over original thought, instead preferring the patterns that the demons want us to think. ALL MUSIC IS DEMONICALLY INSPIRED. It’s no wonder that society has become more and more blind to spiritual reality over the centuries, with secularization exponentiating after the invention of recording technology. Computers have sped this up even more. Demons love numbers! They use numbers in music, and they use it in all of our modern technology. This is because numbers fixate in our minds. They form the basis of technology, and of enslavement. The ancient Hebrews were aware of this, and intentionally used numbers to keep their people under control through mystical rites. Now we are so deluded that we dont even need mysticism, we have computers! Computers are entirely operated by numbers. Everything is digital, and i mean everything! Think about one thing youve done today that doesnt involve digital technology. Pretty hard, isnt it? See how far our enslavement has come? My advice to you: avoid the thoughts of other people, free your mind, and question everything. The world will persecute you, but you alone will experience true freedom.
  4. Plsbrainwash me. My brain is dirty and it needs to be cleaned.
  5. Maybe i should try microdosing alcohol throughout the day. It seems healthier to keep a constant low alcohol/blood ratio throughout the day rather than binge drinking at night.
  6. The only time i feel normal is when im drunk. I feel like im spiralling into insanity. The entire time im sober im hearing chaotic noises in my head and im confused and unable to focus on anything and everything feels evil. But if i get one martini in me it all goes away and i feel just like a completely normal person. I love alcohol.
  7. The guy at the liquor store fucked up so i got a half gallon of gin and a bottle of vermouth for $3.84. Also on my way there some teenager told me i have hella drip and i need to get me a girl. My mental health isnt really up to it right now but i didnt tell him that.
  8. I'm hearing voices in my head today. Im going to try to get some medicine from my psychiatric clinic asap.
  9. Yeah, and make the voices say things randomly in the background or in the middle of the night that allude to hellfire and crippling regret
  10. I find that this kind of self-critique can be used to your benefit. If everything you say is dumb, then just roll with it and say more dumb things. Not much to lose if youre going to feel the same regret either way.
  11. I dont think instrumental music is any better, it still gets caught in my head just the same. Lyrics dont really bother me, one thing that does happen is i have a part of a song playing in my head all the time except the lyrics are changed to a more sinister version of what the real lyrics are. That part is annoying but the part that bothers me the most is just repetitive melodies. Maybe listening to something unmusical like florian hecker would be fine, but i've been listening to a lot of elliott smith. Either way it doesnt really matter what kind of music it is, it all sounds abusive to me right now.
  12. It isnt really jealousy for me, its more like i feel personally insulted when i see someone make a post and then i get pissed off and start deleting contacts. Maybe it's just a problem for me, im not saying other people are at fault it's just unhealthy for me personally because im socially masochistic.
  13. Im a very ridiculous person, please dont take anything i say seriously
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