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  1. I've made my room much cozier and more tidy and I've also realized that minimal social interaction means I get to be completely out of the loop on everything.
  2. For clarification, that Hannah Diamond track wasn't that great, but compared to that Sophie bullshit it sounded superb.
  3. I don't like this at all I could probably get into this
  4. I've never seen this before but it looks ridiculous
  5. I've been bored at my father's place all day. He's spent the whole day sitting on the sofa and watching tv and I'm just trying to occupy myself somehow. I just want to be back at my own place.
  6. Look for two lobes between the uvula and the back of the throat, right and left of the throat opening. If they're swollen, then they will be very visible. Inflamed tonsils will have a little bit of grey/white spots on the surface. If your throat soreness is localized primarily in one of these two spots, and it's a sharp pain that is worse when you swallow, then yo very likely have strep.
  7. I saw a Craigslist ad for a camera at less than half the lowest price that it usually goes for used, which has put me into a state of anxiety until the seller responds to me and I can confirm that it's stolen property.
  8. You probably have strep. I had it earlier this year. Do your tonsils look swollen ?
  9. Sure it's undergoing rigorous testing, but no test can account for 7 billion humans. It's an entirely new type of vaccine and distributing it to the entire human population all at once, without ever being distributed before, is definitely going to have adverse consequences at some point.
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