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  1. This time I just used "tinder" as the prompt
  2. I put in Eisenstein's tron and got this I'm not sure what software theyre using to get such clear images
  3. High zero which was just last weekend and which I also worked at. The performances were absolutely unbelievable and I consider myself extremely privileged to have been present for them. I also got to have a lot of interesting conversations with both performers and friends of performers.
  4. I've never experienced stagefright during a performance but for some reason I usually feel nervous before I actually go up. I have it pretty bad today and I'm playing last so I will have to feel this way for quite a while.
  5. This comp has all their best and most well known tunes in one convenient package
  6. We aren't living, we're dying. Death is what we call it when a person stops dying.
  7. Death isnt an event, its the end of an event
  8. Why didn't people spend this much time arguing about her ethical situation when she was still dying? I don't think any of that matters once your death is over.
  9. I have been working on memorizing a spoken passage that I wrote for my next live performance and it has put me in a weird mood today. I wrote the most negative and upsetting cynical rant that I could think of and have now been repeating it to myself on a loop all day long. I feel dirty.
  10. my phone broke last night and I had to spend $180 on an iPhone 8 until I can fix it. I drove around aimlessly without a map looking for another google pixel and nobody had them so I had to settle for this pos phone that I hate.
  11. I'll put my john edward jones in your nutty putty
  12. If I have to hear someone explain the allegory of the cave one more time I will stuff them in a cave
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