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  1. I have batinsta but the problem is it doesn't allow you to look at private profiles for obvious reasons, so I can't see most of my friends' posts. I've found myself using it almost never.
  2. I strongly recommend deleting the accounts as well instead of just the apps. Even if Sugarmount still keeps your data, leaving the account open is a vulnerability, and other strange imps can exploit it and access your information or use your account to work their mischief. But for the sake of contributing to the present heap of encouragement, I also deleted all social accounts a few months before the pandemic and haven't noticed any increased loneliness as a result (though this could be because of all the loneliness caused by other circumstances). But don't get your hopes up, because it
  3. That's exactly the situation I have now. I used to live with a couple of roommates who were much more social and it was great. We would hang out, have dinner together once a week, go to the bar, watch TV, get ice cream, bake bread together, have guests occasionally, and so on. I really miss it. I only ever hear people complain about their roommates, but living with people you get along with really well is a lot cooler than living on your own.
  4. The guy in the sixth picture is attractive as heck
  5. Yeah, I went back and the guy was much more docile, standing by the door and munching on a fresh 7-11 sandwich with a fellow good pauper.
  6. I stopped at 7-11 for a lemonade on my way home from the gym and this huge crackhead-looking guy appeared in front while I was inside and started screaming and kicking the trash can. He tried to talk to me on my way out and I ignored him, but I was too afraid to unlock my bike that I parked right next to where he was furiously pacing back and forth. I'm now squatting on the street a block away and wondering whether I can safely go back for my bike. It's starting to rain.
  7. I'm convinced he used a Roland R8 on at least some of the album. The whistle in Blainville is definitely the same as one of the R8 samples.
  8. This is neither a thought nor an observation, but it is pointless.
  9. This month I've had more sales and downloads on my Bandcamp page than any month before... which is weird because I haven't put anything new on there and also haven't done any promotion at all. In fact, I almost forgot about it. Also, I deleted my Paypal so I don't have any way of claiming the money that I got from it. So, did you guys here have anything to do with this?
  10. My local actually got a copy of William Parker's recently released decuple-album, Migration of Silence into and Out of the Tone World, which I bought for a mere $75. This song isn't on the new album, but it is cool.
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