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  1. I can no longer trust the postal service to get stuff to me. I ordered a bong online and am starting to think that I'm never going to see it. Meanwhile I'm inhaling hot, unfiltered smoke despite the fact that I'm not in Oregon.
  2. I've checked all my regular stores and haven't seen it at any of them.
  3. I don't even know where/if I could get that brand here in America
  4. Loved it. Mike P has the right to smash his property if he wants and nobody can take that away from him. If that upsets you then keep on crying.
  5. You can sometimes find used CDs all much lower prices than online dowloads. Simply rip the CD and you've got a great deal on some tunes.
  6. Bought this thing I am a big ol licker of boots
  7. drillkicker


    I don't need rape or existential grief, I just want a movie that actually says something. Of course there are great movies made in America in the past 20 years (There Will Be Blood or Where the Wild Things Are, Blue Ruin) but the general trend is overwhelmingly in favor of formulaic entertainment because the industry no longer has any reason to take risks: the monopolies have realized that people will pay to see any action/adventure story as long as it has enough money spent on special effects and advertising. They may not even like the movie, but if it isn't intolerably bad, then it'll alw
  8. drillkicker


    You picked the first four years of the decline, many of the films aren't even good, and at least one isn't even American. I'm sorry that I don't like $10,000,000,000 remakes and Marvel movies. I guess I ought to kill myself for having an opinion.
  9. Wesley Willis > Jello Biafra > Bill Rieflin > King Crimson > Kanye West
  10. drillkicker


    You can call it edgy all you want, but that won't make it untrue.
  11. drillkicker


    The trailer is extremely uninteresting, but it's possible that it's just a bad trailer for a good movie. American cinema has been on a really miserable streak for the past 20 years and that's been getting worse and worse, so I'll wait and see if it's still remembered in 5 or 10 years and might watch it then. I can't see Hollywood taking any risks these days, though. Kubrick's 2001 wouldn't have seen the light of day in the current climate.
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