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  1. Every time I try to do shit with people they always cancel last minute. I wish I could just be happy without any other people.
  2. Listening now, sounds tight. I dig it a lot. Also, I second what Alco said about the art, it's amazing. Fits with the literature theme. Ive always thought I'm better at making album covers than actual albums. Your problem is probably the better one to have.
  3. I hope to be that intimidating when I'm 39
  4. This actually helps a lot. Thanks for saying that. I spend too much time inside my head.
  5. Haven't tried breathing exercise but reading and puzzles aren't really helping. My brain is really trying not to be distracted by anything right now and it's an extremely difficult battle to fight. I'm just fixating exclusively on things that are out of my control, and this is exactly why I was drinking.
  6. I haven't done that in quite a while and I don't want to start again. It feels unhealthy.
  7. I don't know how to fall asleep, though. I can't stop thinking all the time and I need to turn it off. I wish I could have opted out of life.
  8. I'm too tired to do most of those things. I haven't slept since Friday (and that was a very bad sleep). I don't have energy to do anything and I can't fall asleep at all. Also my body hurts in many places right now. Also my brain won't stop fixating on things until they become massive anxiety episodes. Marijuana is the only thing keeping me distracted from this cycle but it can only do so much.
  9. The thing with a potted plant on it isn't a coffee maker ?
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