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  1. I think it's already starting to pass now. The pain is much less extreme today than yesterday and the day before. Thanks for the advice, though.
  2. I'm pretty sure I have strep throat. Swallowing hurts. Talking hurts. Yawning hurts. Even chewing hurts. I actually feel like eating is no longer worth it. I actually took ibuprofen like a first world baby.
  3. His works are what got me into the whole IDM thing. It's to see them getting more fanfare lately.
  4. I recently found out that Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides holds the record as the most expensive film ever made. It was also one of the worst films ever made. And yet it was a massive financial success. Somehow Disney can just funnel endless money into a movie and it will make them tons of money regardless of whether it's actually enjoyable to watch. The stupidest part is that these expensive movies that cost hundreds of millions are usually just watched once, because they get worse and worse with every viewing due to the complete absence of any subtlety or creativity. Akira Kurosawa made movies that get better and better after 20 viewings and he had to slow down drastically and leave many films unmade because his own studio refused to fund his projects.
  5. He's probably the only guy who would go on a kayaking trip just to determine the hex color value of the water.
  6. I'll just put together a whole album of tracks I'd like to submit to this and call it I Am the Music Maker.
  7. I haven't seen Rashomon. My reason is I am going to watch it this weekend. Also I haven't seen Citizen Kane or Alexander Nevsky or Harakiri. I've never read Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Othello, King Lear, The Canterbury Tales, Paradise Lost, Middlemarch, The Recognitions, or Moby Dick. These are all works that I would like to read but simply haven't yet. I also haven't read 100 Years of Solitude, Don Quixote, Zauberberg, or most Kafka works because these are all works that I would prefer to read in their original languages but I'm also not quite skilled enough in those languages to read the works yet. So I just don't read them at all due to my own stubbornness.
  8. This thread should be moved to the asylum
  9. Yes, the healthcare system actually makes a massive amount of money from getting people hooked on benzodiazepines. It's something that very rarely gets talked about because it would be bad for business if it did, but it's actually very common. The reason why they choose benzodiazepines is because they are possibly the most strongly addictive substances currently known, and they also aren't lethal like opiates are. It ruins people's lives in a very slow and invisible way that the victims rarely talk about because it's too embarrassing to admit or seek help (largely because medical professionals are viewed as infallible, and it would be seen as the patient's fault if he happens to get addicted to pills). It's especially effective with older victims whose bodies can't handle the intense withdrawal period, but doctors aren't above prescribing it to anyone and everyone. I've had a prescription offered to me for very minor neck pain and no signs of anything serious.
  10. In reality, the healthcare system is immeasurably more evil, but it's also easier for people to ignore because it isn't as public, and because it's keeping its addicts hooked. Mostly, people are protesting so much because of quarantine boredom. It wouldn't be as bad if they were able to go outside and do stuff like go to work.
  11. When you live with livestock, it becomes pretty morbidly amusing when you see humans acting exactly like the animals you take care of.
  12. ^ Innocent black people have actually been murdered by the "black lives matter" protests so far
  13. I might have done it myself except there is no face to put a mask over
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