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  1. So I have been pronouncing it right. Good to know.
  2. When I saw the thread title I thought OP meant listening to music in the left ear and right ear the same amount
  3. Was this in response to Nebraska's post ? Because that article is about Cody Wilson, not Adam Fannin.
  4. Remember when we all went to the Aphex Twin web site and voted on our favorite Soundcloud tracks to get mastered and put into an album ? Did that ever happen ?
  5. I'm having trouble with this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNmWgybMKIs
  6. Sleep deprivation is an essential part of Orthodox spirituality.
  7. I've always thought of Buckie High as a full-length reprise of Solarium. It isn't exactly the same, but it's similar enough. The appeal for BoC, as it seems to me, is that their music often feels like a small glimpse of something much vaster, and the shorter and earlier tracks manifest this more than anything, which is why the tracks from R35 are my favorite, and it's also why Solarium is such an appealing little vignette.
  8. The real tragedy about What.CD is that it was barely even a piracy site. A major fraction of the stuff on there was music that's been forgotten entirely by the industry and can't be located for sale at all. It's a shame they couldn't work out a way of keeping all the archival data. It's funny you should ask, because I actually have it right next to my computer at the moment. I still wear it occasionally. I'm surprised anyone remembers that post, though.
  9. I don't have any worldly connection to Panagouda, but St. Paisios is one of the saints who's been one of the biggest influences in my life. His hagiography by Hieromonk Isaac is the book that introduced me to monasticism and it's made me really want to see the places where St. Paisios lived. One of the monks I know here in America told me it isn't really worth going if I don't know Greek or Russian, so it's on the backburner for now. Also, since today is the feast day of the monastery where I go for pilgrimages, I'll post their patronal troparion for the thread:
  10. Does anyone else remember Depotax ? They're still one of the weirdest musical acts I know of after all these years.
  11. I listened to Rpeg once before class in high school while still very tired, and somehow I thought I was seeing the song instead of hearing it. A similar thing happened with Infant Dressing Table by Animal Collective and I thought I was having a conversation with the distorted voice in the beginning and didn't realize that I couldn't understand what it was saying.
  12. Athos is the one place in the world that I'd like to go more than anywhere else. Did you get a chance to visit Panagouda while there ?
  13. This is how I've always seen it. The idea of permanence of online data is scary to most, but I find it reassuring, considering that I tend to forget about things and computers don't. That's why I love the Internet Archive so much.
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