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  1. JBP got his ego so inflated by his fans that he thought he could start critiquing books he never read.
  2. I create so many computer problems for myself that i never have a working laptop. I spent hundreds on a quality computer and it never works because i cant stop myself from messing with the operating system until it's broken. I fucking hate myself.
  3. Why would you need food in the metaverse? We have the technology to create an entirely new world and we're using it to create an even worse version of the world we already have to live in? Wtf
  4. I spontaneously started crying while i was doing my morning meditation today. I wasnt even sad or emotional at all but i cried anyway. It was weird as fuck.
  5. Then again, ive had people show the same level of interest and then ghost me out of nowhere so who knows
  6. That's the thing, i dont know how to achieve chat initiation take 2. I tried with one of them and got unmatched right away. But it's ok because i found someone who is actually showing a lot of interest and one person is all i really need tinder to give me.
  7. I actually did find someone who's actually interested in replying and it seems promising but this happens so infrequently that im just confused. I get a lot of matches but one one in a hundred actually reply to messages.
  8. That's not true. People match and then dont ever reply. This isnt different just because they matched again.
  9. I just wanna go out with one of these people but they make it too hard
  10. I made a tinder again and now im matching with all the people i matched with before. Im not sure how to work with this.
  11. I just found this album last night and ive been listening to it on repeat all day. He expresses things ive felt in ways i never could.
  12. Christmas is a capitalist shared delusion, an intoxication with the irrational belief that somehow the suffering of the hopeless will end without anyone having to work for it. As long as i can give my kids the Christmas they deserve, everything will work out somehow. Its primary function is to persuade young children that our world isn't broken, but some people still indulge in it well into adulthood.
  13. I stopped taking risperidone and i feel really fucking weird. Im still tired but my brain is frustrated at how tired i am. I behaved dangerously today. I feel bad about it.
  14. Oversalted my mung dal that ive been working on since last night
  15. Update: apparently the money is from sales that happened back in april
  16. Bandcamp sent me $8 for recent digital sales but im not seeing any sales. Has anyone else experienced this? Did they fuck up?
  17. These pills are giving me the cardiovascular endurance of Chris Christie
  18. Most of the time just random shit, like things people have said to me or random things ive heard or seen, but sometimes when im in a bad state the demon that lives in my shadow tells me that im dead and in hell and he owns my soul and if i dont do everything he tells me to then hes going to tell god about it and god will punish me even worse and i need to get far away from everybody and everything because nothing is real, its all fake and the world around me is designed to hurt me so the only thing i can do is act as unpredictably as possible in order to throw them off. If you have ever seen welcome to the nhk its pretty much exactly like that.
  19. It's not doing anything to stop the voices though, it's just making me tired. I think it's even making me more paranoid than i was before.
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