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    Is it washable?

    VLR's mixes are dope. Worth to mention also his Gescom mix (btw, I don't know why it isn't showing here but iirc these both are downloadable in wav if you go to sc): Speking about ae mixes, this one must be my favorite, made by watmm's own @ilt17:
  2. Oh, I thought that the HQ rips via fundraising thing was the one and only to get it officially. Wouldn't mind it though. Frankly, at the moment, I would be super glad if he released anything at all via bleepstore.
  3. Maybe that's why it was added to Bleepstore release: https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/86207-afx-hangable-auto-bulb IMO, these were the HAB related tracks from SC Dump Make a Baby Metal Beat (mature raver) Mello Punchy (Hab un23)(unfinished) Cutting And don't forget choirDrilll: https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/87064-afx-hangable-auto-bulb-extras
  4. B-b-b-b-but it's only a 128k rip. Back in the day I actually ripped all the sc tracks (which hadn't download enabled, that is) right away just in case they were taken down. Good I did. I'm looking at you Red Calx & Girl/Boy Dark Version. It's a mystery why tnodvood hasn't been downloadable at any point, even though it's one of those few tracks that are still around at 18081971 account.
  5. ^And the reason why download hasn't been enabled for that is.....? Rich please
  6. One of my favorites by Rich. Some great tracks like Flutey, Stomper 101mod Detunekik, Fingertrips, Airflow.... Like this more than Compilation. Do we know the track Rich would've wanted to change before releasing? iirc, it was the reason why this was held back and which finally resulted into forgetting the whole thing....until 2014. The group funding was something special, which makes this even more unique release imho. The only time when we didn't behave like ass.
  7. I'm kinda one of those weirdos. I'm super picky when I try to find new artists, but when I finally manage to find one, boy, am I on a ride or what. Artists like Kendrick, Sparkwave, Godflesh and recently classic UR output, could listen to those for days. And Aphex is a top cat on that list. Very few meh bits, maybe 50 songs tops, which leaves me with something like 900 songs to like, not a bad rate at all imo. There are some serious stellar work, which no one has even come close by. I'm constantly hungry for more afx. Just when I think he has emptied his archives, he throws some unreleased Field Day intro track and makes me drool for, what, 4 years + and counting. So, sorry TIM_J for shitting in your thread. Need to say though, I'm all for the tunes. Not really interested if he's married and to whom, or how many kids belong to his litter, which seems too big part of AFX fanboism these days. About AE, dunno, I'm kinda third breed. I mostly love their unreleased stuff and mixes + Gescom stuff. Bronchusix & Bronchus One.1, Jail Of Freedom (Jailitilsli), Nonima, SKF10047.... A+ stuff. Perhaps the worst breed of them all?
  8. Uros


    ^Damn son, worth of two burgers. Since I can't react with another, here's the other one: 🍔
  9. Another class of '85 here. Phew, I thought all the elder citizens, people around and above 50 that is, exclusively listen to some station rock, jazz/blues or country....preferably from car radio while taking missus to general store. There is something very wrong with you guys. Onnea ja paljon muusia!
  10. Not trying to be a wiseass, but why not push directly that download button for 320 kbps instead of use some extensions for 128 kbps? If those aren't working, well, pm me or something.
  11. Dunno if this is new or not, but CAPSULE NETWORK "Colundi Interception 2" EP (WeMe 058), Purple vinyl, March 2nd https://wemerecords.com/shop/capsule-network-colundi-interception-2-ep-purple-vinyl-pre-order/ Digital sales (some day): Capsulenetwork.bandcamp.com
  12. I had to hold my final word to the point when I could listen to the whole thing for the very same reasons. Had some high hopes for DF thanks to kwang bass, but the final result was just bad. So, although those three single tracks and Fracture remix were great, there was still a 50/50 chance that the rest of the album would've turned out to be a major letdown. Was really happy to be proven wrong. And imo, it's not just the nostalgia of the fancy breaks, like Pitchfork hints. It's more about the melodies, which I did find super cheesy in Ufabulum and DF, whereas Be Up A Hello has some great melody parts. Bass lines are as killer as ever, always liked Tom's work on those. Also, may it be illusion or not, the mastering (or whatever) isn't as aggressively loud as it was on those albums.
  13. This. This time we got a real album opener and not just an EDM take on a Cure song Baltang Ort beats Hitsonu though, but whatever (vinyl owners of DF must feel so lost with this post) Re: Pitchfork "as thrilling as those vintage Squarepusher records were (and still are), it wasn't necessary that Jenkinson make another one"...pfff, eat my ass, it was.
  14. Cheer up mate. Don't forget that we're also getting that new MNLTH tape release. Woot!
  15. Slick. Based on the three tracks I've heard, this album is the album I hoped Damogen Furries would have been.
  16. Pre-orders alive in fancy new Suction shops Americas: https://suction.shop/collections/rx-101 EU/UK/Int.: https://suction-eu.shop/collections/rx-101
  17. ....was played by Don Rich at Coachella weekend 2 ~01:08:00 -> ....and was found out by reddit people. Shit, just realized this is an album and not only an EP. Cool!
  18. Maybe worth to visit this old thread too: I mostly listen only to early UR. Punisher/Method Of Force maybe being my favorite release. And, well, Final Frontier, nuff said. btw while waiting the UR bandcamp update, if you, my deeply honored fellow watmmer happen to have some decent ~320k rips of UR's Piranha EP and fury 12" feel free to tell me too. Hell if you're too shy to tell it publicly, feel free to tell it straight to me via pm.
  19. My favorite (along with amen of course) Bonneville Occident, Backyard, Asdar, few of my favorites with it (I think, I'm not a specialist here so please be gentle) Also huge love for James Brown/Lyn Collins track.
  20. I'm in confusion. You mean locked or pinned?
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