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    More like acid electro stuff but you might also like these: Just a couple tracks that have the same vibe as JK/Black Narcissus Weme stuff. More tunes on Soundcloud/Bandcamp.
  2. If sludge is accepted in the thread:
  3. Mentioned Ultradyne in the other Detroit thread, but worth to post some here too:
  4. Uros


    Was again so cool post that even the burger froze. I salute
  5. Shameless spam or very informative cross post of the topic about new Kevin Martin & JK Flesh collab I just submitted to new releases sub. ~~~bass vibrates~~~
  6. Promo words from Avalanchers facebook .....Vinyl release in early 2022 distributed by Cargo UK
  7. Haha yup, that was exactly my point. Had absolutely nothing to do with your regular posts to the sub which are basically always about how you and your other OG friends are such top dogs who visit these funny forums just for the sake of cringelols.
  8. From Tresor 30 comp Didn't bother to cross check so dunno how much differs from the Nomadico Edit from: https://www.discogs.com/release/645505-DJ-Dex-3-aka-Nomadico-Invisible-Showcase-Vol-01-Part-Two
  9. Some personal favorites not already mentioned from UR & Drexciya Still sooo many great tracks left out
  10. I tried foobar a couple of times but simply couldn't get into it so went to musicbee and have been a fan ever since. It does have everything I need and imo is super flexible (at least to the point I've ever needed it to be). Tagging, converting, artwork, freq, playlists, whatever. Haven't let me down once. There are several skin options (bright and dark ones) although could imagine something like foobar has plenty more. But imo worth to check out. The logo and name are little silly though but, ah well... Oh, need to give some extra love for its miniplayer option.
  11. Uros


    Can't get enough of Ultradyne. Every track is pure killer and wholeheartedly could recommend every tune these guys have done, but here's one for the Lardossen swimming crew.
  12. It's actually quite funny that no-one wouldn't have a slightest clue he was the baby in the photo unless he himself hadn't brought that up numerous times to get some media attention or whatever. Or was there many times that while walking on the street people continuously stopped him with "hey hey hey, you're that guy from that Nirvana album. Woah cool dude." IMO super lame excuse to ride (or at least try to) with some child porn aspect there, when it is clearly all about the $$$. Actually the cover with the afterwards added dollar bill he is also whining about portrays the guy just perfectly.
  13. Uros

    170871 50

    That feeling when all the new "exciting" involving your favorite artist is literally everything else than actual music. Oh well, happy 50 anyway.
  14. IIRC most of the era talking was going on in this thread. Then there was this thread for the playlists etc.:
  15. Acid, breaks and stuff. Wicked!
  16. Now that you all have had time to sink properly into the anniversary edition and possible ear fatigue has worn out, can you really hear that it has been remastered or is it rather like the remaster of saw 85-92 (lol)? Listened to my Rephlex copy yesterday, and feel little 50/50 do I really need the anniversary edition, since it sounded crisp enough to my ears. So would appreciate if especially compacto disco buyers had any first hand insight that it is more than a fancy word in a bleep sales pitch. Also because I'm such a cheapskate and most likely need to pay VAT for ordering from UK. Thanks!
  17. Woah, thanx for sharing. Loved this one. Was listening to a Boku Mo Wakaran while watching and was a perfect soundtrack. Skater riding a skater, can't get more ultimate trick than that.
  18. Can't remember if I already shared or did I find this originally from this thread, but I so love this huge 3 hr old skool (well mostly) Jungle mix By DJ TLR. Perfect! Could you be also my hero of the week?
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