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  1. a second pandemixes release is up on his bandcamp
  2. nice remix of djarum here: https://bjarki.bandcamp.com/track/djarum-bjarki-pandemix
  3. if you like ambient check this one out (different alias, same guy) https://www.discogs.com/Atom-Heart-Live-At-Sel-isc/master/1160774
  4. definitely check out Kreidler
  5. just a heads up - The Irishman is now available on Netflix
  6. great set @Goiter Sanchez, nice meeting you! highly recommend anyone who's on the fence to try and catch them on one of their remaining tour dates, they're damn good live
  7. first show tonight! let us know how it goes @Goiter Sanchez
  8. https://italiansdoitbetter.com/product/chromatics-closer-to-grey/ listen here:
  9. the stooges new order cocteau twins depeche mode the future sound of london
  10. the track for May, a variant of ‘A Glitch in Cellular Memory’ was released today
  11. https://stilleben-records.bandcamp.com/album/stillben-records-v-a-054 1. KOMMUTER - Dijkstra 2. KOMMUTER - Transporter 3. EARGOGGLE / KAN3DA - Zombie Floor 4. Martin Matiske - Computer Love for electro fans
  12. anyone know the track that starts around 13 minutes?
  13. for fighting game fans - new samurai shodown trailer
  14. a great video of tortoise playing the full TNT album earlier this year:
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