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  1. he has some wonderful fun stuff here https://www.defectiverecords.com/index.html
  2. ive been uploading all the random synth stuff i have been just jamming on here for years. a lot of step sequencer madness. all hardware except for computer doing midi and all that shit. moog phatty stage 2 with outs. ipad. emu planet phatt. volca fm. field recordings. m audio venom. sq1 here and there. fx. etc. much love to dan who makes the m185. very out there. not sure how to describe it. very fun to make. randomly it all comes together. enjoy! ARTSY AS FUCK! xo https://prefectart.bandcamp.com/ i think this is the last track i put on here. enjoy? https://prefectart.bandcamp.com/track/prefect-100-bpm-monday-nov-2019-ctt
  3. they price dropped these everywhere recently so you can get a new one for damn cheap. 210 new
  4. i have been getting a lot of use out of those guitar pedal reverb lately https://digitech.com/en/products/polara easy to use. sounds good. i believe it is all lexicon reverb copies or some shit like that. good pedal.
  5. is you telling us to tell a lie a lie? did you just inception lie to us? i am perplexed
  6. this song playing right now totally sounds like boc.
  7. hay hay. made a all plaid mix years ago. check it out. all of my mixes i made are on there. i made a all orbital one years ago also. bunch of random all over the place mixes 2. fun shit. check it out. https://www.mixcloud.com/NERVER/
  8. even if it will not work for what i am trying to do, that app looks fun as fuck. downloading tonight. app i used to solve problem was SAMPLR fyi. one buck for a app to fire off samples with a drum pad. bingooooo
  9. hey hey hey. thank you for your time in advance. looking for a ipad app that i can load samples into and fire off with midi notes. nothing fancy. i have launchpad, but it only lets you use it to fire off samples. no midi in on it. only out. which one of these million apps i am browsing through is not junk? i have a midi interface and all that. fx would be nice i guess but are not necessary.
  10. thank you for the link. i was planning on recording stuff to some extent for sure. hearing the huge bells echoing through my neighborhood is what got me all started on this idea. i walk my dog around the area all the time, and i am just in love with the tones i hear. i have been walking around the carillon from different directions, picking out where it sounds different in my area. good times.
  11. hey hey all. is there some magical place where i can find the notes for certain pieces of his work? i did some searching and it seems a bit all over the place. i am working on a super amazing project in my town involving playing music of my choice over a huge carillon in a local church, and if i do, there is no way i am doing it without playing at least one afx track in some manner. this idea might spill over into a event of some sort, involving music also being played on a huge pipe organ. would be super rad if you could get me his email also so i can confirm the notes are correct and that they transfer properly over to the tunings of the carillon? totally understand that that will most likely not happen. a boy can dream right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carillon bells sustain like all hell, so busy music kind of sounds like shit i think on them, so i am thinking that hearing something like this aisatsana would sound amazing what would be a beautiful song of his that would sound wonderful in this medium? something not too busy? some of his work on a pipe organ would be amazing also, but someone would have to actually play that, so when considering a piece it should probably be standard pitch oriented and something that someone could physically play. i feel like stuff that is really amazing in the low end would be great here. i am kind of drawing a blank here. ideas welcome. very initial stages of this. and i have plenty of time to work on it. thanks for your time in advance.
  12. these days, most consoles are digital. recording everything multi track is pretty easy usually.
  13. that fucking second track is amazing. hard to do big bass with massive reverb. great sounds. fucked drum stuff i dig.
  14. no love for shure? i am sad. i have a pair of shure SR840s that are flat as fuck and super comfy. they were my only for mixing headphones forever, but i just listen to everything on them all the time. very flat. great for mixing. great cans for live sound also. live sound guy rant here. if i hear steely dan or that fucking deftones song again i am going to strangle a puppy
  15. i think they are always changing how they do things though. if you have the time, read the massive thread about them. they spill the beans here and there. but one thing they never do is show pictures of what they have set up :) always evolving!
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