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  1. Thank you so much Digit and IOS for putting all the effort to make this a reality, absolutely stunning! Something very special about how this has been patiently recreated by fans.
  2. I was already into Aphex and Boards at the time, I also had borrowed a copy of Chiastic Slide but it didn’t grab me after one or two spins. Then around 2002 I was in Barcelona and saw a cheap Confield cd and thought I would take a punt and had no expectations. Upon cranking it up on the stereo I was completely blown away. I recall the moment when it clicked for me was during Pen Expers, the combination of the stuttering beats and the majestic synth melody that slowly reveals itself. I had never heard anything like this album, it sounded so otherworldly and unlike any other electronic mus
  3. marhide sounds like when you are in the gents at a service station and you are minding your own business drying your hands with the hand dryer, then someone starts using the one next to you, and shorty afterwards another dude powers up the one to your other side.
  4. Autechre Aphex Boards Papa M / David Pajo Seefeel Pan American / Labradford MBV Swans Loscil Stars of the Lid Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Moritz Von Oswald
  5. Worst first post 2014 cheers but not first post, have been here for a while just stopped posting and account was closed.
  6. New Aphex, oh my days...might implode. Guess he is a bit broke after his divorce then.
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