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  1. literal twilight zone shit. so glad to have lived the last year in the south where things have been much normaler than most of the rest of the world. visiting seattle in april where 99% of people were wearing double masks outside was 😵 pretty much stopped wearing masks completely after memorial day. they tried to reimplement a mask policy after delta started to kick off but largely no one cares. i carry one to put on in the even it makes someone uncomfortable enough to say something but mask compliance seems to be like 60-70% in the city and drops off a cliff once you move out into the suburbs. eventually you guys will come to realize that this shit isn't going to end because it's not meant to end.
  2. just biked in to say i've been wearing the same mask i bought in poland in january of 2020 (when i thought this was actually scary watching chinese footage). never had a test. not jabbed. went to two soccer games at mercedes benz stadium and didn't wear a mask in the last week. not sick. not dead. just do what the good dr says:
  3. most of the way through the link's awakening switch port. never played the original. is fine. not amazing. the frame rate is shameful. can't believe it was released like that and never fixed
  4. about 25 hrs into death stranding. still playing pub/tekken cod mw is okay but the only mode worth playing is gunfight which is really fun
  5. was on the fence about getting a pro but mostly played on pc lately. hard to justify jumping on a pro one year before ps5 when, by all accounts, it's going to be backwards compatible and have the same resolution/fps boosting power as a pro.
  6. i'm typing a whole lotta words and they don't mean shit! watmm is good chatmm is good. it's you, the people, who are bad
  7. can't you buy a bigger battery? or was that just on the wiiu?
  8. nearly 100%'d bloodstained (the map at least, still tons of items to craft and shit). played waaaay too much of it the past couple of weeks.
  9. yeah i beat it a while back. definitely enjoyed it. tried to do a no ally run but after like the second or third level without having an ally game got really hard. then i bought the castlevania collection ;O
  10. had to use savestates on the last three levels but i beat it and immediately bought bloodstained. shame it plays really well but it looks awful. i take so many hits from not being able to differentiate enemy hitboxes and projectiles from the environment. maybe i'm just getting old
  11. beat castlevania 1, then botw and simon's quest last week. trying to beat 3 now which i've never done before. got past ghost ship without dying on first attempt. only been this far like once before.
  12. wx30 tapes are available as free download at bottom of store page https://autechre.bleepstores.com/
  13. this makes listening to all the other shit all day at work totally worth it
  14. except for it seems like they only have the assets for midgar. like every town will be a new set of assets with a completely different feel. i guess most of the time spent in the other cities is far less except than midgar but still... junon, costa del sol, cosmo canyon, rocket town, northern crater, etc... this game will have the complete edition by the time ps6 comes out (maybe). i'm hoping that the whole dual bluray thing is to accommodate the fact that this will basically be a ps4/ps5 release with the discs holding additional higher res textures that will be rendered on ps5 without actually making two separate versions of the game.
  15. ffvii looks like it could be good even though it won't be finished before we die
  16. the gamestop employee totally gave me a "haha. i know why you buyin' lego indiana jones." it was $20 used i had 7 days to return it so i took it back as soon as i hacked my wii. ended up hacking my sisters wii for her and her kids too.
  17. mtg arena is fun as fuck. still technically in beta but it's pretty polished at this point. they've added friend matches now too so you don't just have to get stomped by randos who aren't afraid to p2w. i'll never put a dime of real money into it but it's fun regardless
  18. i'm still gonna buy it as soon as i get home though
  19. apparently the cv1 rom is a recalled version that crashes in later stages due to sprite overload
  20. knew i recognized that couple. some local love from down south
  21. endwar was way better than i expected it to be. i've been basically bored by every marvel movie except captain america 2 and the first iron man. usually fall asleep in them. as bloated and convoluted as it was, somehow managed to be damn near enjoyable. didn't fall asleep for a second. wouldn't've paid to see it though
  22. yeah. i played it for about 45minutes and was completely underwhelmed by the art and atmosphere. felt good, but definitely didn't draw me in first play. and i love metroidvanias. beat the bloodstained 8bit prequel recently. that was fun. hoping the real game is decent but not holding my breath
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