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  1. Give the second album another chance, I like it more than the first. 'ICrashed.Gen" has some great Big Loada vibes.
  2. Had this on repeat all weekend, just amazing. It's hard to choose but the Konx-om-pax rmx is my favourite track on here. It sounds like an updated 2020 version of Didgeridoo to me. Dwaallicht a close second!
  3. so raw! Can't wait, this is my most anticipated release of 2020 so far
  4. Where is the deceptive marketing by AF?? The only suggestions I've seen of RTR being an alias of someone else have been from listeners. Don't really care who it is. It sounds like Steinvord but whether it's him or not doesn't change how my enjoyment of it, and I haven't seen anything underhanded from Analogical Force that would take away from that.
  5. Gonna wait until I get the LP, but listened to the first track. I hope they're all this good, it's about the Steinvordiest thing I've ever heard.
  6. Got mine in the mail today, probably my EP of the year. I see big things in the future for dgoHn, his sound is advancing in a good direction!
  7. Only listening to MT1 since I've already heard it a million times in even more shit quality, so it's an improvement. Holding out on the rest!
  8. Amazon says it can be delivered to Canada, so presumably the US as well EDIT: nvm, that's the standard, don't see the limited on there. If you do find it for domestic sale, you can use services liek White Rabbit Express to order it internationally.
  9. Apparently if you run the Primavera track through Shazam it'll recognize it as "MT1 t29r2" heck yeah! this EP is gonna kill
  10. I noticed this Primavera track vid got renamed to "MT1 t29r2", track #3. Is there any proof of that or are they just bullshitting?
  11. Doesn't even look like they're giving a sticker :/ Every release I got from Beat Records in the past had a little sumthin extra, but none of the Japanese outlets mention anything.
  12. Trying not to draw any conclusions with incomplete information. But this seems to raise more questions than it answers. Maybe it is because of the potential new video on AS, that IS pretty hype and would make the ad campaign make sense. where do 5 ads cost a fortune? Pretty much anywhere - sanctioned ad space is never cheap.
  13. Edit: I'm dumb and wasn't on the correct page, already been posted Full album is streaming on NPR
  14. 00:19:05:05.000 Pacific Time... Let me know how Melodies from Mars is you mighty moonmen of the future
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