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  1. 9 hours ago, auxien said:

    CD reissue when

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    I got the full discography in CD (but sadly no Quaristice version metal boxset :catcry: )

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  2. Just now, YELLOW said:

    Surprised I haven't seen this posted here. Supposedly the Spotify artwork for LP5 has been updated, and here is an up close picture of the front sticker. Wonder if this bodes well for Draft, Confield, Untilted...


    Sean mentioned Chiastic Slide / LP5 / Confield repress during one of the Mixlr chat of spring 2020, let's hope this is it !

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  3. 18 hours ago, Goiter Sanchez said:

    Has anyone posted this vinyl-only offcut in here cuz damn I was only just made aware of it, total classic:


    mindblowing track, thanks !

    edit : I asked him if something was planned for Claro 20th anniversary, His answer was :

    "There's nothing special planned for the anniversary, as most music related matters have been on the back burner for a good while now.

    However, something semi unrelated is happening, eventually ;)"

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