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  1. oh hell ya! missed the drop this morning like the space cadet I am. I said after the DFN show that I'd go to any show in NA without question, then coachella was hyped and ultimately announced; gutted. AFX, NYC say no more!
  2. I think I’ve finally returned to reality after that set. For those of us who were there, we saw something truly special. I feel the same on new ambient in lieu of Stone In Focus / Tha noodling; it felt like 100% geniune new SAW ironically in contrast to the response he gave in the Deustche interview about returning to ambient production. The selections and delivery of was soooo smooth and Weirdcore delivered in the same vein; fresh yet true. PAPAT into Cilonen was out of this world. MT1, fucking Phloam!? Gwety fucking Mernans flexing the system and my organs. Upwards of/over 10 Aphex/AFX originals, delivered live in some respects, what an absolute treat. I almost said fuck it and didn’t go to Turin because I thought it couldn’t top AFX & Friends in Berlin....but that 24hr trip from Berlin was something I’ll never forget. IMO this topped D4N, Field Day and Berlin for me. What a time to be alive. Thank you Richard!


    it's certainly one I can't live without. I tried to use it to calm my cat in the car en route to the vet one day. any time I play it now she runs and hides under the bed. I kid you not this was in like 2014/5 and she still does it as of last week. who knew something so peaceful could be so frightening?
  4. ... take a guess at the locations in which the tracks were recorded. five overall, three recorded in cornwall, two in london. might also relate to the locations shown in the video?it got me thinking of the countdown numbers roundOoh rachel riley Well, possibly...but he's an old-timer, so he's probably more intae Carol Vordermanhosbn..?T69 collapse song length is 5:23
  5. I wont be missing this one! I have a ticket for club2club as well but I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to Turin
  6. on the encircled logo proportions IG image: "The original Aphex Twin logo was drawn by hand using circle templates and rulers in late 1991."
  7. I threw this up on the subreddit and figured I probably should share it here as well. I for one have always wondered how the proportions of the logo, especially the deconstructed typeface on the cover of SAW II, came to fruition and the designer (Paul Nicholson) recently shared construction details of the work on his instagram. Enjoy!
  8. "19 Bradley Echoes" is now "19 fLutterwave" still a top 10'er for me
  9. did anyone translate the pamphlet in the japan CD release? There's two columns; one on history and one on his absence.
  10. kept him in check via twitter on the CCAI pt1 misinformation. aaand it's updated. flux 1 pitchfork 0
  11. kept him in check via twitter on the CCAI pt1 misinformation.
  12. bringing this back; SOSW is that sweet sweet blend of acid techno and ambient, and its climbing the ranks of my top 5 RDJ albums rapidly. audax powder is massive, but Untitled takes the cake for me. Quino-Phec sets his discog chronological sequence up perfectly for SAW II. killer LP.
  13. yea I commented the tag in there :) so much hate and not enough love for the new afx acid release
  14. My 20, no specific order: 8 Utopia 1 Chink 101 Sams Car 19 Ssnb 18 With My Family Fork Rave 14 Make A Baby 7 Cutting 4 Red Calx[slo] 19 [slo]w early morning clissold sunrise luke vibert spiral staircase [future music competition] [afx remix] 19 Bradley Echoes (watery big ez) 14 Floating? [swimming in god mix] Cottage3 E medievil rave Mk2 [pre plague mix] 34 ibiza spliff 14 Cornish Spreek5b [st. Nectan S Glen Waterfalls Mix] Cheetah3 Teac Pretend Analog Extmix 2b
  15. agree, it's in my 20 for those reasons exactly.
  16. i'm legit lol'ing at this f'n track and people are looking at me like i'm a crazy.
  17. theory: 24hr ban for violating the soundclown Community Guidelines? edit: ctrl+f for the term "suspend", but the comment is still there fuck it.
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