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  1. Fuck. There was me thinking "saved myself £100 odd quid on a field day ticket there, i'll just watch it at home" But just realised I'll be sat up a fucking mountain with no internet. Arseballs.
  2. Solved : http://sourceforge.net/p/playerpro/discussion/469514/thread/e6a639f3/?limit=25 "He said on his user18081971 account when asked about how Drukqs was programmed: "mostly written in Playerpro for the mac, my fave tracker, wish it would be brought back, had some amazing features and i helped code a bunch of top dsp fx for it"
  3. wow, a cave with ice at the mouth & worn ground where water has flowed. awesome acoustics though I bet. massive 'verb there's a strange black disc on google maps....
  4. Here here, I'm surprised to see all this negativity and doubt. Why would a bit of purchased space be so bad? Maybe it could house the entire rephlex back catalogue on an SSD embedded into a tree and people could make a pilgrimage to it? (Have to be FLACs tho...)
  5. I'm well up for a physical coLANDi release. It could house the entire rephlex back catalogue on a ssd embedded in a tree and become a place of pilgrimage for braindancers...
  6. "y'know, y'know... it's sort of, err, y'know, y'know sort of, y'know...." Ahh, the days before, like, everyone like, interjected the word 'like', like after every other word.... y'know!
  7. has anyone listened to any of his previously released stuff since he's being doing this, it get a feeling it'll put some older stuff in a new context. Not that I'm actually going to do that for another few months as these soundcloud tracks are on a permanent folder repeat in my car and that's not going to change any time soon.
  8. Clissold park is an area of Stoke Newington in North London. It has it's charms but "pretty gorgeous" might be pushing it a bit far!
  9. this is nicely done... http://user48736353001.com/
  10. I really doubt Warp and RDJ have anything other than a very relaxed contract or agreement. I don't think RDJ likes any control at all over his work, and Warp probably provide the distribution and marketing and not much else, and Rich is probably very happy with that if he still releases through them/Bleep. It's not like Rich is going to need much cash to cover mastering (does he do that stuff himself? I forget), and he has his own studio to work and record in, so with Warp providing very little, they can't demand very much back. Contracts come in all different "shapes and sizes" so there is no need to assume Warp hold rights over his work, it could just be the distribution/marketing of it. edit: That being said, they're probably missing out on a lot of dosh, but probably not much they can do about it. The "Barry's Bangers" splattering of the google docs a couple of days ago claimed CCAI was a contract breaker, which seems to match with an interview given years ago about how after 'Drukqs' he had 2 albums to go on his Warp contract (if my memory serves me at all, which is debatable.)
  11. That depends... depends on if the members of watmm manage to play tunes over the internet-controlled instruments? Haha, so ambitious you lot! No, nothing like that - but you're on the right track(er)... Please be a tracker!
  12. They were 95. The previous Peel Session was 92 where he played Italic Eyeball, and Blue Calx. theyres probably gonna be a few errors on there and quite a bit of personal conjecture about that 'album/ep closest to' field as well. Indeed, it's a live document that is meant to evolve and some of those tracks seem to be from overlapping periods, it would be useful to have a rough idea tho for compiling purposes, (I don't want a 'classics' moment when I'm in the mood for 'SAW' vibes for example... and vice versa!) It will be interesting to see how this shapes up with all the brains on here...
  13. *Massif round of applause for that monuMENTAL dumpage. U just made a ton of people, a ton of ecstatic. Actual best intrawebulation eva. One thousand million phanx. Dv
  14. I guess we'll see if they all suddenly disappear from SoundCloud! I doubt it though - I think he just wanted to do something nice for the fans. "something nice"...?!! I spose it is quite good what he's done!!
  15. page 100 on here and nearly 10,000 followers on soundcloud. Big.
  16. In light of the Syrobonkers interview I would say RDJ is trying to disrupt the workforce of the world economy in the best way possible.
  17. Basically yes. And yes. So much yes. (Never realised what a strange word 'yes' is written down but yes.)
  18. Mistymayhem's downloading the tracks and running them thru a reaktor patch to scorn her unrequited love.
  19. I'm in. I've been collecting old kit for years to supplement the lack of early nineties aphex sounding tunes in my life, I just run it all thru a quadraverb whenever I want to get a fix!!
  20. Both Cooltempodemo and 19 Ssnb are incredible trax.
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