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  1. PSA057 now in the archive This month this month 10% of the tracks are exclusive to the show - with 75% of these made in Cornwall http://www.penrynspaceagency.com https://www.mixcloud.com/PenrynSpaceAgency/psa-mission-057/
  2. T - 15 mins until blast off of #PSA057 https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen/ 2hrs of new hot new spacey electronic shizzle No access to the studio do live talking/ bigups Capt K says he might post the track titles on facebum or you'll just have to wait another 10 days till its up in the archive
  3. PSA 057 : Tomorrow (Sat 23rd May) : 10PM GMT Many fresh new tracks, including several unreleased exclusives by Cornish artists. Tune in to leave this planet.
  4. #PSA057 was scheduled for tonight but is cancelled until Führer notice. Please see attached documentation for more information #Lockstep #TheNewNormal Vaccine-Get-Out-Clause.pdf
  5. #PSA056 blasts off in T- 60 mins with 2 hrs of self-isolation solid rocket fuel https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen
  6. PSA056 will be broadcast tonight 22:00 GMT Live on Source FM, even though we're not allowed in the studio any more. https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen Hope you're keeping safe and you can join us.
  7. PSA055 is up on Mixcloud, but seasoned space cadets will know that http://www.penrynspaceagency.com is the place to go for full tracklistings and links to Discogs / SoundCloud and BUY X
  8. PSA055 tonight 22:00 GMT Live on Source FM We hope you can join us as we preview our hottest finds uncovered in the last month of trawling the spacey electronic music spectrum. Over 75% of the tracks are less than a month old. https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen
  9. #PSA055 Live on Source FM this Saturday at 22:00 GMT We'll be getting together in the next few days to finalise the tracklist, if any of you knob twiddlers have got some solid rocket fuel in the pipeline and would like to hear it in the mix, please send via [email protected] - we are only interested in fully finished and polished gems of joy that are either forthcoming or released in the month. We listen to over 4000 tracks a month to bring you a mix of our favourite 40 that represent the spacey electronic music of now. We hope you can join us on our flights of discovery. BigLove from Cornwall XX
  10. Thx andrid! You can listen again now! #PSA054 is now live on mixcloud but listening via our website gives you all the track info, bonus discogs, soundcloud and buy links and you can skip fwds precisely. (Mixcloud is making you pay to skip backwards in time now) Lots of unreleased and exclusive tracks this month. Share X Protect penrynspaceagency.com
  11. PSA Mission 054 Live - 10PM GMT (in an hour) TONIGHT. Lots of fresh trax, tune in to the show on www.thesourcefm.co.uk . Hopefully the Analogue Cabin are rocking it right now on the station, so tune in to them whilst you wait!
  12. OK Space Cadets, PSA053 with 1hr Luke Vibert guest mix is now live in the archive. We had so many hot new tunes ourselves that we decided to extend the show by 45 mins. If you've not heard Acacia Road from dgoHn's new EP forthcoming on Astrophonic, press this button http://www.penrynspaceagency.com If you make tracks this crazy dope, powerful enough to power our rocket ship, please get in touch via [email protected] we are always looking for hot NEW promos of the highest quality. P.P.Roy's 'Fig 3' (and the rest of his Rephlex tunes) now available from his Bandcamp page Luke Vibert is also our special guest in Falmouth, Cornwall this Saturday night for Space Party Level 7 http://www.penrynspaceagency.com/spaceparty
  13. Luke Vibert is doing his 3rd Guest Mix for The Penryn Space Agency Radio Show - tonight on Source 96.1FM, Falmouth Cornwall, UK The extended show starts at 22:00 GMT #PSA053 His previous mixes can be found in the archive (#PSA007 / #PSA039) http://www.penrynspaceagency.com
  14. #PSA053 T- 2hr 22m until we are live on the radio with this month's new discoveries. Luke Vibert's mix is an hour and we had loads of really good, hot, new tunes, so we decided to increase the length of the show Hope you can join us!
  15. Penryn Space Agency Radio Show Mission 053 - Special Guest Mix from Luke Vibert #PSA053 : Sat 23rd November 2019 : Live Broadcast on Source FM, Falmouth Cornwall : 22:00 - 00:00 GMT https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen Luke's also our Guest DJ at our next Space Party on Sat 7th December in Falmouth - http://www.penrynspaceagency.com/spaceparty
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