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    - midnight GMT/BST Source 96.1FM
    NEW Spacey Electronic Music.
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  1. #PSA051 is now in the archive, the BMPs are getting faster and the drum & bass selection takes some beating! Go to the archive for full tracklisting and turbo links : http://www.PenrynSpaceAgency.com Mixcloud have changed things, so we have lost the ability to jump backwards thru the mix, but you can still jump forward. The track info has vanished from the embedded Mixcloud player, this showed the junodownload buy links, so if they are your preferred vendor you'll have to listen via Mixcloud. https://www.junodownload.com/charts/mixcloud/PenrynSpaceAgency/psa-mission-051/537127741 BigLove from Cornwall XX
  2. Cheers Richie, glad someone appreciates the work! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us last night too. PSA Mission 051 - Live Tonight 10PM GMT On Source FM : https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen A whole universe of spacey electronic music with some top exclusives and promos this month. The standards have never been higher, thanks to all the artists sending material in, keep it coming, it'll be a struggle squeezing it all in this month. PSA 50 uploaded to the archive now on Mixcloud / penrynspaceagency.com . Any social media reposting, liking, etc, keeps the mission alive, cheers to the hardcore for pressing the buttons. 🙂 Hopefully we'll be doing another space party before the year end. Keep an eye open on social media for more info.
  3. PSA048 is now in the archive and its very exciting this month

    "Welcome To The Upgraded Forum" it says

    Community reputation 0 Neutral - really?  We thought we were making progress
    Agents of change, fighting the corner for hot new spacey electronic music

    on the plus side, the bigger file upload limits are welcome


    gif music https://ellohefftea.bandcamp.com/track/that-hyde-trakk



  4. PSA48 Live tonight at 22:00 gmt (T - 2hr20min) on Source FM https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen We are setting the bar high this month - lots of exciting new new music
  5. N1ce andrid, always good to know people are listening. PSA047 is up in the archive now. The Brexit guest mix from Fred de chez WeMe includes a couple of exclusives from new signing Avian Vishnu - a new ambient project and collaboration between Heinrich Mueller and Aina https://www.mixcloud.com/PenrynSpaceAgency/psa-mission-047-ft-fred-de-chez-weme http://penrynspaceagency.com/showinfo.php?mission=047 - for full tracklist and turbo buttons
  6. #PSA047 live broadcast on Source FM blasts off in just over 3 hours We thought with all the talk about Brexit, we'd do a Brexit Show and have a guest mix from the main man in Brussels, Fred de chez WeMe. pic.twitter.com/ZXsVHkPO6Q 19:30 GMT The Analogue Cabin Radio Show 22:00 Penryn Space Agency www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen Until then, PSA046 is fresh in the archive http://penrynspaceagency.com
  7. PSA046 in the archive now https://www.mixcloud.com/PenrynSpaceAgency/psa-mission-046 http://penrynspaceagency.com for Full Spectrum Dominance of Spacey Electronic Music
  8. 🚀PSA046 Feb2018 blasts off tonight at 22:00GMT on The Source FM Listen Live for the Latest Developments in 🙉 Braindance IDM DnB dubstep techno electronica ambient experimental acid house electro jungle solid rocket fuel https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen
  9. Cheers Richie! PSA Mission 045 - Producing Supersonic Abstractions. Uploaded to the archive now on Mixcloud / penrynspaceagency.com . Any social media reposting, liking, etc, keeps the mission alive, cheers to the hardcore for pressing the buttons. :) Next Show : PSA Mission 046 - Saturday 23rd February 2018 : 10PM GMT Next Rave : Saturday 2nd March - Space Party Level VI @ The Saracen's Plate, Penryn
  10. 🚀 #PSA045 live broadcast blasts off in just under 5 hours at 22:00 GMT Listen live https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen 20% unreleased / average release date 07/01/2019 / 🙉
  11. #PSA044 online now https://www.mixcloud.com/PenrynSpaceAgency/psa-mission-044 Full tracklisting and buy links at http://penrynspaceagency.com All the best for 2019 X PSA X
  12. PSA 44 : 1 hour and counting : https://thesourcefm.co.uk/listen
  13. So could you get the #PSA043 fxbip mix in the US or was the mixcloud rule breaking a ball breaker? Next live show tomorrow night 22:00 GMT #PSA044 pHlogiston saturated audio - music from 16 countries > as many genres > 68.42% released in the last month > 97.37% in the last 3 Its the best music on Earth music right now. Don't settle for mediocre music or fake tunes We'd strongly advise tuning in at 19:30 as foreplay provided by The Analogue Cabin https://www.mixcloud.com/discover/analogue-cabin So there's 4.5hours of high grade lined up for the clicking tomorrow https://thesourcefm.co.uk/listen If you are lucky enough to live close by, or just an adventurous nutjob, we've got a tasty bit of rave action lined up in Penryn (FTW), Cornwall, UK https://www.facebook.com/events/708833532808099 Happy Saturnalia :) Krz & Maf
  14. We had reports of playback problems in America. FX gave us too many unreleased exclusives. but we have hopefully sorted that now...
  15. PSA Mission 043 - Power Station of Audio with guest fxbip. Uploaded to the archive now on Mixcloud / penrynspaceagency.com . Any social media reposting, liking, etc, helps push the mission forward for the advancement of the species. :) Next live radio show : PSA Mission 044 - Saturday 24th November 2018 : 10PM GMT Forthcoming Energy Rituals : Space Party 4 : Saracen's Plate, Penryn - 10th November : https://www.facebook.com/events/922184657971341/ Space Party 5 : Saracen's Plate, Penryn - 31st December
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