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  1. Imagine listening to all 60 hours in one go. Not sure I'd ever want to attempt that.
  2. Oh didn't see that other thread, feel free to nuke this one Joyrex
  3. Anyone know anything about this? Warp just posted a poster for the movie on their Facebook page, and Aphex Twin is listed in the credits at the bottom.
  4. Nice post jsm. It'd be a shame for the site to die, cos it's pretty much the best way of finding underground music imo. In terms of RDJ's soundcloud, I guess it just depends on if he's ever going to upload more tracks. I doubt he's going to re-upload the ~200 tracks that used to be up, but seeing as we got a new track a couple of weeks ago I wouldn't be surprised if he just drip feeds us with a new upload every couple of months. If he does that then I really hope he finds a more permanent place to upload them, it'd be a shame to lose access to them.
  5. Soundcloud is apparently gonna go bankrupt soon (most likely), so hopefully Richard finds somewhere else to post the tracks. I vote bandcamp so we can give him our cash
  6. haha, I like the vocal bits. The song sounds fantastic on decent headphones Edit: it's probably good on other listening devices too, don't let me put you off
  7. Fuckin hell man I thought Blackpool was already grimy enough, without the music. Very dirty town you know
  8. The Last Shadow Puppets (may have been mentioned)
  9. dude they've already done loads of albums together whilst pretending to be those French guys
  10. Just don't buy it fam no chance...missing any of his releases sends me loopy You should prob talk to someone about your OCD if that's the case. The doctors around here are shit you don't get any help, my mate was in a terrible state and he tried to seek help in a mental ward they ignored him all day which led to him jumping off a bridge into an on coming train. R.I.P shit man, whereabouts in Scotland?
  11. I think Warp still owns the name Aphex Twin? So I doubt they'd let Rich use it whenever he wants. Who knows though, maybe they're chilll about it now
  12. I guess he'll probably just do festivals, but a standalone gig would be fantastic. The rest of that line up is fairly alright too.
  13. Get tickets for both and run back and forth every night. I really wanna see ticket prices for this actually, in case they're too much. I'm already paying $$$ to travel to London
  14. https://www.facebook.com/fielddaylondon/videos/10154790557840820/ According to Field Day it's a "UK Festival Exclusive", so I guess it'll only be one date this year (apart from that one in the states). Definitely worth a trip, tickets go up soon.
  15. Maybe he's just going to countries that are having elections right now? That could be the gimmick of the tour maybe
  16. Alright lads, so I just found this youtube playlist and I reckon you should all click on it It was compiled by David Firth, who did Salad Fingers. Now, I've just smoked a bowl, and I gotta say it's all fuckin good! It's such a nice thing to chill to, because it's all so familiar that you just feel safe and such And you can just let it run onnnn
  17. Aphex has a whole team of ghostwriters, you know.
  18. The CIRKLON3 video has over a million views now, well done Richard and Ryan
  19. The CD metadata has the album title as 'Mike and Rich' if that's of interest to anyone.
  20. Should we buy shares in Aphex Industries?
  21. You're supposed to be the man in the know. We should be asking you questions
  22. What track was this? Short samples of some of the tracks, the majority of it being the previously unreleased ones, I think. Sounded really good too Was it Brivert and Muons? I remember a mp3 of that floating around in the p2p wilderness long ago Oh that was such an awful recording, it was about 4kbps Hopefully we get that in a nice quality
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