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  1. Man, I don't play drums but that is such an enjoyable watch. So much control - it almost looks like he is barely playing at times, but there is this explosive sound coming out. And the dynamics! Such composition.
  2. Singularity! OMG. I'm off to the record store to get the CD now. Remember CDs? I buy them. That's fuckin' right.
  3. Whole album is up on YT and just listening through now. Pretty crazy. Heard everything from straight up opera to death metal... up to Hear Me right now which is like the more frightening side of SYL. One thing is for sure: He's not holding back on being himself, which is very thrilling. edit: Holy Crap. I had to take a break after Hear Me. Total onslaught (in a good way).
  4. FFS. One of my relatives (immediately in the wake of the shootings) ... you know, we are all reeling and in mourning for our country, and his first post on FB is basically "Oh no, they are going to take my semi-automatic guns away." And the next 3 posts. Horrified. Social media: damaging families since ages ago.
  5. You probably can't come into Devin Townsend cold, otherwise it'd be like being dropped into a cold bath. Full of hamburgers and kittens. If you've been listening for many years, this is a logical progression. I have to say, that new video really cheered my day up. I love his 'well, I guess that's what I do' expressions at the end.
  6. Like most on here (probably), I have been a member of many forums. WATMM is one of the LEAST weird.
  7. Personally, I hope tomorrow there is an article in the Guardian titled 'The Guardian gets mentioned in WATMM after WATMM gets mentioned in The Guardian.'
  8. 35 Japan. I melt into this track.
  9. To the people I know that don't listen to electronic music, Deathmouse and Aphex Twin sound the same.
  10. You guys seen this performance? So great.
  11. Jesus, what's going on now? edit: Nevermind, found it. Gross.
  12. Man, of all the companies that shouldn't have a high horse.
  13. I like the way her voice is developing. Something is weird about this mix of this track though. Like the instrumentation should be different, or the mix is off? edit: I think it is the lack of big room reverb like they usually have.
  14. Yeah, this movie is pretty cool in the scheme of things. Don't let the negative press hype sway you from seeing it.
  15. Yeah. I guess my interest was from early versions when it was basically a step sequencer and mixer. Could make drum patterns really fast and haven't really had an interface on anything that has felt like that. Might just be nostalgia, I know it's turned into a giant modular thing now.
  16. Any one else excited about this? I think I last used FL in about 2004 because I've been using macs. https://pitchfork.com/news/fruity-loops-finally-comes-to-mac/
  17. Josh is so great. That song is so Ministry though.
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