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  1. I only really got into Floating Points earlier this year. Didn't know what to expect from this album, but I chucked it on yesterday and thought it was proper tasty. Bias = phwoar!
  2. Back when the Bleepstore was first launched, I'd hoped Orphans would be a dynamic release that Richie would be adding to, as and when. A home for all the tunes that didn't belong anywhere else. Sadly, years later, that doesn't seem the case, especially with this vinyl sealing the deal. Shame to see the store get semi-neglected since the initial launch. Still, those cassette categories got me living in hope...
  3. I tried this at Printworks but didn't know what the fuck was going on. Definitely looks cooler in the video.
  4. ICBYD or maybe one of the Caustic Window releases would be a much better fit
  5. The new track is really good. I'm surprised nobody has ripped it yet, considering the Field Day vinyl was literally online the same night as the show. I'd do it myself but don't have the setup right now.
  6. UMO are dope but you already got that covered. Preoccupations released two outstanding post-punky albums definitely worth checking out (and one average post-punk album) (Sandy) Alex G is absolutely nailing the indie rock/weird Americana vibe. His last few albums have been fantastic. Drab Majesty are doing some wicked synthpop/darkwave throwback stuff. Chorus drenched guitar leads and everything drowning in reverb, lovely. As far as 'new bands' go, these are the first that spring to mind.
  7. Not impressed so far, but I will more than likely check this out once it hits Spotify. Also for the record, Pre-emptive Strike fucking slaps hard and is just as good as Endtroducing imo
  8. Mmm, pretend analog and umil. Now that's a nice bit of wax. Almost tempted to swap my orphans vinyl for that...
  9. Interesting, but yeah that's exactly what I had in mind.
  10. I think that's been there for ages. Wouldn't mind betting that there's gonna be no artwork on the 12"
  11. How cool would it be if that 'mini live set' gets soundboarded as a track on the next afx album. Just to say we were there, maannn.
  12. Oh yes. Couldn't be fucked to clutch a vinyl all night again.
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