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  1. I'm sure the Bleepstore will be populated at some point. It'd be nice to have some kind of event too
  2. Mannn this album gets better after every listen
  3. This. I'm craving an absolute journey of an Aphex album with a load of the new stuff he's been belting out in his sets. Start out with the lush ambient stuff then start bringing in the next level beats and four-to-the-floor bangerz as the album chugs on, eventually finishing on some brain vaporising acid. Let's get this baby out for autumn, Ricardo!
  4. A load of tracks got mastered for the Bleepstore. Some were even pressed to vinyl. There wasn't any 'best of Soundcloud' comp as such though.
  5. Listened to the full album on Spotify earlier. Lovely stuff. Will be acquiring on release.
  6. I'd say he's been the most prolific artist on Warp in the last few years. Not so much in terms of run time (looking at you Sean n Rob), but in terms of the sheer amount of releases. The guy is on a proper fucking roll. Anyway this track was never one of my favourites from Ribbons. Bit too sickly sweet for my liking. The b-side is quite nice though.
  7. I hope fine means excellent cos Analord 5 is bomb as fuck 8 is the best tho And 9 is indeed the weakest
  8. These guys dropped a new album last week and it's fucking rad.
  9. To be fair, QOTSA haven't put out a bad record, but Lullabies is where the quality of their discography starts to take a dip imo
  10. First 3 yo. Don't be sleeping on Songs for the Deaf!
  11. That's no way to speak about my Funny Little Man
  12. Sounds kinda promising. I was on the fence with 22AM but I did like his older stuff a lot.
  13. Spoiler: this isn't gonna happen
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