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  1. Not saying it was not cool, but it was not worth getting that track just to mix in a small loop in the background :-D. Also I'm not always a fan of his "off-phrase-mixing" when he doesn't cue the beat on the 1, but on the 2 or even 3. Sometimes it sounds interesting, sometimes just weird ^^. That was also the case with this "Meat You" loop btw.
  2. Took me long enough, but as promised, here it is! Enjoy :-): https://soundcloud.com/the-griever/aphex-twin-funkhaus-berlin-2018-indulin-reconstruction
  3. Was a pretty hard set with a lot of weird mixing sometimes lol. I'm currently reconstructing and re-recording the mix for my own pleasure and of course for the people who couldn't attend. Not all tracks 100% accurate but almost (and less FX fuckery). Will post it here :-).
  4. It has the potential to become a great track for sure. I like the chords and that bassline coming in later is very cool!
  5. Also I don't understand why those new tracks sometimes get praise like it's the sickest shit he's ever done, they're clearly sketches. I think it's great he's uploading these and I'm very thankful for it as it gives us a glimpse into his creative process and that tracks do not sound perfect from the start, no matter who makes them. It's really interesting for producers I would say, but compared to real final releases... I mean just take Syro or Collapse as an example :-)..
  6. No idea who Permasteeze is, but I bought the EP and "MUFFDIVE95" is on repeat, love that track. Nice Electro vibe. There are definitely elements that pretend to be AFX also in the other tracks, but the whole release sounds too linear and digital to me. Richard's tracks are way more dynamic usually.
  7. He played this in one of the Coachella sets I think.
  8. Richard making an album with vocals like this would be totally awesome.
  9. Somehow the first track especially ("MUFFDIVE95" lol) reminds me a lot of UNTRKMND.
  10. Instagram is a very strange place. To use it effectively, you have to ditch all your other tasks, it's ridiculous. I'm only posting here and there when I'm in the mood and sometimes I get news faster than on Facebook etc.
  11. It's strange. I don't think it's him though I really like it, especially the first tune. I was pretty sure this instaphex account was once listed officially on his Facebook page or something and isn't that number3_ guy following him the one who did his logo? If not I don't really know why I have been following that account for so long :-D. Maybe I'm completely wrong though... I also thought it was a verified account and it isn't the case obviously.
  12. Autechre, never really got into their music. There are some really nice tracks for me, but out of the more accessible ones. It seems like a lot of artists are considered "brilliant" because they are making very complex/complicated music. But emotion is also important. Or a certain groove. A lot of Autechre stuff sounds to me like it would be a nice effect to implement it in a DJ Set and it is really impressive what they are creating sound-wise. But I prefer a certain kind of catchiness. Maybe that's why I like Aphex' stuff more. Does this make him more brilliant? Maybe. Maybe not. In the end all a matter of taste.
  13. indulin

    The Tuss

    Let's hope for AFXmas this year!
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