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  1. I love how he acted very goofy after the thumbs up, saw it in another clip :-D!
  2. From what I saw in Instagram clips there were quite some cameras filming the thing, I hope we get to see it later...
  3. One hour to go guys, have some fun for me too :-(!
  4. Hm interesting. I thought about this, although it would be quite surreal to have him play my tracks lol. A few options: Maybe for the calmer intro part: This one could also fit: Or my latest one, has some Collapse vibes...
  5. I would sell my 2 tickets for minimum 20 Pounds each. You can offer me whatever you consider fair though. They are early bird tickets I purchased over ticketmaster.co.uk, so I can transfer them easily to another email when payment is done.
  6. Guys, I am heartbroken, but I can't make it to Manchester with my wife due to visa issues. So I have two tickets to sell. I can transfer them via ticketmaster, please drop me a PM if your genuinely interested to go. I'll now go home and cry.
  7. Yep it's him! This guy makes really sick Techno tracks, dig almost everything he does.
  8. This is just my third Aphex gig in total, any veterans here have experience at what time to get to the front before it is too packed? I might try it out this time. Back then in 2009 at the Melt! in Germany it was pretty easy, right after the act before we went to the front, no hustle at all (although I wasn't right in front of the stage). But I think his shows are now way more packed with people (I mean, it grew quite a lot over time). Berlin was so full, even when Paradox played before him, there was already no chance to get to the front. Was standing at the side, luckily one of the speaker arrays was in our direction. Maybe I can make it this time. Isn't the Depot quite big, so maybe multiple stages?
  9. Am I the only one who saw the glitter guy from Field Day :-D?
  10. Isn't the sound at the front way too bass-heavy? Thinking about what place would be best. Any of you experienced the other acts live (not Nina Kraviz, she's famous enough so everyone knows her sets)? Is it also dancable or more experimental stuff? I think Aleksi is definitely dancable, not sure about the rest as ZULI etc. releases sound very experimental and twisted. Don't know if they play different stuff live.
  11. Second. But I think especially when Aphex plays it will get equally packed. Need to find a spot before I guess :-D...
  12. There are tickets again available in resale, get em :-)!
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