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  1. got my 2 early bird tickets, my wife is coming with me to manchester so she will experience this other dimension for the first time, i think her soul will be violated lol :-D...
  2. currently doing the classic zelda marathon with all the games i played :-D. started with "a link to the past", now finished "link's awakening" and will move on to the "oracle of" series (my favs). "the minish cap" to follow! going to replay a lot more classics with my controller on my way to work, gotta love emulators :-)! big game currently is "final fantasy XII - the zodiac age". played the original back then, but never with all the sidequests, now it's time!
  3. Very nice to have some Europe dates :-)!
  4. Actually I knew he played it in Finland but not the title, someone on reddit finally solved it :-).
  5. I think it's a partially a woman's voice Regarding my last post, this is the track Richard was slightly mixing in at the end of Vord Hosbn:
  6. Yes I make this mistake all the time, less is really more sometimes. The thing with Aphex is that there's so much going on but it all sounds "necessary", really impressive.
  7. I can see plenty of reasons not to like festivals (sound quality, crowd, overpriced food/drinks etc) but tbh I don't see why you'd care about the lineup ? A 1-day ticket for Rock en Seine is cheaper than the tickets for the Berlin show lol. Anyway, according to their Instagram account they will announce some artists names tomorrow at 6pm (GMT+1) They still sell 1 day tickets for festivals? A lot aren't doing this anymore. My first Aphex gig was 2009 Melt! in Germany, 1 day ticket back then, now they only sell for the whole weekend. I may think about it, but I'm curious if he's playing more Europe shows. If he gets announced eg for Bangface or something like that it would be way more appealing.
  8. yup i think the context is the worst, at least the lineup in berlin was really nice and strictly electronic.
  9. Same. I doubt he'll come to Germany again this year...
  10. https://www.festicket.com/de/magazine/news/aphex-twin-performing-rock-en-seine-2019/ Seems legit?
  11. Weirdcore tweeted it was Richard's wife with him, but has this been confirmed? yes by rich himself. Oh right, must've missed that. I wonder how many tracks she got to choose I think he's doing all the DJing, while she's helping him with another modular and adding fx. At one show you can also see her wear a mic, maybe she also adds some "vocals". He didn't go into detail, hehe :-)!
  12. Weirdcore tweeted it was Richard's wife with him, but has this been confirmed? yes by rich himself.
  13. weirdcore posted it on instagram so NY should by quite confirmed...
  14. I wouldn't count on this lol. It's pretty rare for Aphex to approve being filmed for livestream. The only Aphex live stream in recent memory was the NTS field day stream. Coachella has livestreamed every event for the past 5 years to YouTube. I'm very confident they will do it this year as well. And you would be correct: https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/youtube-coachella-expanded-live-streaming-partnership-1203098430/ Oh yes, so even if he doesn't come to Germany for the next 10 years I can at least watch this :-D!
  15. indulin

    Aphex 2012

    this set is so sick, wish there was better quality available!
  16. i think he was just testing around and the track will be available again.
  17. i really like his idea of adding tracks to existing releases. it's like a game where you can put together the album like you want to :-).
  18. what... performances... for warp's 30th anniversary..... no way...................... Yeah, it looks in da vid like afx is doing a performance? It's like you all loose your memories, don't you remember how many times his DJ Sets have been announced as performances :-D? Not that I care.
  19. matter of taste i guess. he certainly isn't the king of mixing, but i like his sets and the tunes he exposes me to. what i always find a bit weird is his habit to mix in tracks on the second count instead of the first one (or something like that), but i think he does it on purpose. sometimes it also sounds really interesting. hearing his set live in berlin i didn't feel distracted by any of the transitions, it's completely different. now listening to the recording i can hear the "mistakes". but hey, i don't like these super clean dj's that could also be a robot anyway.
  20. > obsessively track down his DJ sets and tracklists > get frustrated over not being surprised at the show you actually attend good job same thoughts. i knew i'll be in berlin, so i didn't bother checking bime tracks out ^^.
  21. oh c'mon, every dj has a kind of "program" for a tour. people rarely go to TWO gigs in such a short amount of time, so who cares. first it's expensive and second i know that sets will be kinda similar. he still varies a lot though i think. berlin was very hard techno stuff, fitting the venue and crowd, turin seems to be way more ambient and melodies, although he still used a lot of the berlin tracks. i love his sets, not because he's the king of mixing/djing or something, but because he's very creative in track choice. some really weird stuff sometimes, because of his status he can do this and that's a good thing. love identifying and digging for the new tracks after each tour :-)!
  22. because i can't buy it, i built my own version lately :-D:
  23. funny story about that "truth" record, so he really spent a ridiculous amount on it!! love that track, but that's definitely too much for me :-D.
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