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  1. Holy shit, had no idea this happened, sounds amaze. Would absolutely gib dollars for having.
  2. Dare I say the content lives up to the title. Definitely enjoying the majority of it, digging the sounds on "FM jungle breaks" and "quality content". "Bass lines" isn't doing it for me, but I'm about to listen from the start again. Nice work.
  3. The mini live set was lush and the crowd loved it. Love to see it. I hope he (they) expand on that in future sets.
  4. " Voafose is our all mate Jeremy simmonds, top dude, always been there, lurking in the background, done loads of unreleased ones with him. " Would their collab trax be called "Richard Simmonds" ? (e.g, Vibert Simmonds)
  5. Would be fucking sick (I don't say that often) if it was Lorn, he's been on fire lately and I've loved his sense of atmosphere for years. Not sure how it would work exactly, but I imagine something like a more aggressive next-level Burial (which I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I've been waiting for for a long time). Imagine CCAI with Lorn atmosphere... That being said I'm doubtful.
  6. Laying on a couch in my basement as a teenager nodding off to Tassels- strong visions looking like old film footage of an airplane falling slowly out of the sky, black/white with dark red/yellow moments. An event of terrible panic but viewed from a safe muted distance.
  7. Graphics freelancer (3D rendering, motion graphics, Vfx for films)
  8. Hi that was me :) Thanks for your help finding my way back in to the venue! It was a pleasure to meet you. Yay, same here! Oh yea, you (understandably) needed a little re-orientation after all that lol. I considered leaving because of Friday obligations, saw the coat-check line, laughed and went straight back in. Was rewarded with some squarepusher, classic dnb-workout aphex (Cock/Ver10 mixed into Box Energy was nice), and general dope selection from Soundmurderer. I feel like everyone who likes to dance stuck around to work out some of that Big Rich Energy™ we had all just been given with no space to express it, after the packed house cleared out. Used to be I thought seeing afx once would be a feat, now it's been 2x and what I want is to see him with enough room to actually dance.
  9. Powerful show. Was great to hear a lot of what sounded like unheard/live(?) stuff plus a couple recognizable big tracks. That ambient opener stuff is beautiful, hope it comes out someday. "Brooklyn Track" sounded lush, was so torn between recording it and just taking it in. Overall heavier in the middle than I expected. But having my expectations twisted are part of what I went for. He looks like he was performing on a laptop with an old-school 4:3 screen, or was it some hardware thing? Also wonder what role his wife is taking in the performance. Shout out to Colin from MN who I met in the smoking section after the show (didn't get your handle), apparently I missed a bunch of you, should have tried to connect more.
  10. Event page on fb says 8-12, so there may be an opener, but I don't think rich is going on at 2am.
  11. sawing in a circle ii postjerk thread
  12. Never got a fuxing email, but thanks for sharing the code here. Had to madly F5 until 1 would pop up, try to get it, fail, try again. Finally got one at about 10:15. Obviously the whole show isn't sold out yet. BrooklynVegan apparently has some for their own pre-sale tomorrow- http://www.brooklynvegan.com/aphex-twin-playing-nyc-before-coachella-brooklynvegan-presale/
  13. Well that's exciting, especially if it's near me...which seems likely enough. Aphex Twin Brooklyn bodega basement set, gonna need to grab some soap and a banana on my way out.
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