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    Baccano would probably be a good watch for those who haven't seen. Very well done and thought out.
  2. i think this album is really gorgeous. i've always liked the indian style of vocals and this has at least a couple songs that highlight them beautifully. all the instrumentation and rhythms are very nice and soothing too, especially drunk.
  3. if the potential to be under such legal trouble is screamingly blatant, people should attempt to not be noisy and annoying. especially in close proximity to others. just play ventolin really loud.
  4. oh2

    US dates

    i was there mid-floor but a bit too drunk to really want to scan for specifics. i had the unfortunate pleasure of being immediately in front of a dude who kept trying to clap and woooo! through the entire fucking set
  5. ^^ agree^3. was so glad to hear a return to devotion-ish form, i like this a lot more than depression cherry. i guess this is just the sound i want them to make, selfish as that is.
  6. not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but i think it deserves some listens
  7. Chronology of Organization of North American Nations’ Revenue-Enhancing Subsidized TimeTM: 1. Year of Red Bull
  8. oh2

    US dates

    i live around SF, but now that you've mentioned it I probably should have bought tickets for LA too, its only a 1 hour flight from here. Im usually not the type of person to see a show twice in a row, but I just saw Norm Macdonald do stand up twice in a row and it was fucking awesome, so why not Autechre? Someone told me to enjoy my 'dry beats and dry comedy' tickets still left!
  9. oh2

    US dates

    dxm is a surprisingly good AE/dancing combo, i just don't think it crosses many people's mind to drink robo before an autechre show, it should tho was going to fry at the la show but this may be a wiser alternative, thx
  10. It comes from a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, a great Argentinian writer of fiction. In the story the library houses every permutation of 22 letters, a space, a period and a comma and inserts them in 410 page volumes, places on shelves arranged in hexagonal galleries which lead to more hexagonal galleries ad infinitum. Many people are concerned with finding meaning in volumes, but pretty much everything everyone finds is something like dchrmlcmdlf for 410 pages. People search to the point of death/suicide. It's worth reading as it's very short.
  11. i hope the book of sand is next
  12. It's all about the a e s t h e t i c s . They sound sort of like cyber goth/industrial from a videogame. But it's shit. Why would I listen to shit? And industrial music sounds nothing like those Kaoss Edge tracks. This is industrial music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bnnNCUtN58 lol
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