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  1. thirded on this. but i love that sound, and don't know many other places to get my fill, so am loving it.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IccTeROsTL8 can't wait for Rio.
  3. I had humidex2 on in the background as I was doing morning stuff, enjoying it casually most of the way through. just looked up at ~8 minutes (quite stoned) and realized how long and lusssssshcious this is
  4. unless you eat meat, hehehe
  5. 1/4 here: two of my great grandparents were from Calabria
  6. thanks! hopefully I can make up my mind this week.. Go for the PhD - working blows goats (and I like my job). Edit: Assuming you don't have family responsibilities that is. Yeah normally I would, but baby is on its way (due end of october) and a bigger salary would be nice... the phd salary + my wives maternity leave would be enough for 2 years, unsure though what it'll look like in the 3rd year. I could also do my Phd in industry with a better payment, but it's unclear if it'll happen at all and unlikely before October... not sure if I wanna take that risk. damn grown-up stuff.... mind if i ask what it would be in? interested as i may face a similar choice (provided i get into a phd program) 1wp: my dad doesn't understand the difference between tasty food and edible food. he buys stuff that could be good and then ruins it.
  7. this would never fuckin happen in LA
  8. that's a beautifully set-up scene
  9. oh2

    game theory?

    i did misread it at first too, but i hadn't taken my morning toke yet. also conventionally matrices are read (Row,Column) so (B,A) does make the most sense technically
  10. oh2

    game theory?

    consider (2/3,2/3) if firm B changes from 2/3->1/2 they go from 17-15 if firm A changes from 2/3->1/2 they go from 17-15 thus in each outcome, a change of decision for the player results in a worse outcome, therefore this is a nash eq by definition
  11. oh2

    game theory?

    (1/2,1/2)-> no eq since 2/3 would benefit firm A (1/2,2/3)-> no eq since 2/3 would benefit firm B (2/3,1/2)-> no eq since 2/3 would benefit firm B (2/3,2/3) -> if A chooses 2/3 first, we see B is better off with 2/3, if B chooses 2/3 first we see A is better off with 2/3, thus this is an eq
  12. Been playing this on PC for the past few days. Since I really should be studying, it's quite frustratingly awesome.
  13. this is always in my head, so gorgeous
  14. totally agree, i love choral music in almost any form. the track my head originally went to was Return To Innocence, but then remembered Sadeness
  15. that final aerial shot was really gorgeous
  16. oh2


    i just graduated with a degree in math so...quite rarely
  17. oh2

    taicoclub 2015

    maybe the e-cig was an e-thc product? i'll just think that.
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