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  1. Went outside to the recycling bin, got stung by 3 yellow jackets.
  2. Went through the same hesitation but it came down to not wanting to spend so much. Paired with the TD-3 and it’s just the minimal set up I needed.
  3. TR-606. Loved it really for nostalgic reasons. Sold it for more than I spent on it, but regretted it the moment it was out the door. Feeling somewhat better now that I got an RD-6.
  4. got 8bit Collapse vibes from the vid.
  5. Just got tix for SF. Life’s hectic...this will most likely be the only show I get to in 2020.
  6. Joel Ebner wanted to write a book on Confield for the 33 1/3 series, but they didn't pick it up based on his proposal. So he wrote a sample chapter and posted it on Disquiet. It's a book I'd love to read. https://disquiet.com/2019/06/25/ebner-autechre-confield/
  7. does anyone have a real idea of if/how warp plans to officially release some of this? Squarepusher is gold and I could really use a FLAC of it.
  8. my 303 definitely doesn't do any of that. thanks TJ.
  9. how the hell does he even do this? very impressive.
  10. there's a watmm app?! NEXT LEVEL.
  11. doesn't work on tapatalk - everything comes up blank
  12. Ok obviously all good. But is there a way to keep dank memes thread online.
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