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  1. got 8bit Collapse vibes from the vid.
  2. Just got tix for SF. Life’s hectic...this will most likely be the only show I get to in 2020.
  3. Joel Ebner wanted to write a book on Confield for the 33 1/3 series, but they didn't pick it up based on his proposal. So he wrote a sample chapter and posted it on Disquiet. It's a book I'd love to read. https://disquiet.com/2019/06/25/ebner-autechre-confield/
  4. does anyone have a real idea of if/how warp plans to officially release some of this? Squarepusher is gold and I could really use a FLAC of it.
  5. my 303 definitely doesn't do any of that. thanks TJ.
  6. how the hell does he even do this? very impressive.
  7. there's a watmm app?! NEXT LEVEL.
  8. doesn't work on tapatalk - everything comes up blank
  9. Ok obviously all good. But is there a way to keep dank memes thread online.
  10. Just experienced this firsthand. Decided I was going to drink tea and give up coffee cold turkey. Didn’t even have a good reason why, sometimes I just try these experiments on myself. But first problem was plumbing stopped working. So back to my quad espressos and feeling better than ever.
  11. Great responses. I’ve had an a4 in the past and regrettably got rid of it, mainly at the time because I didn’t have the patience to go through the menus. I have less time now and want something more immediate, simply to have fun with. That said, the videos I’m seeing on the model samples aren’t strikingly impressive.
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