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  1. I became a high school teacher as a second profession. No curriculum whatsoever was provided for me to instruct with. As the principal said upon hiring me, “You are the book.” I tortured myself last year trying to figure out some half-assed lesson plans. Then within the last couple weeks, I practically feel like I’m having a manic episode because I finally have figured it out. I know what to teach, how to teach it, and may even enjoy doing this. But now I have way too much material to chop up and turn into something spectacular. It’s going to take me a full year to get all this together. I know it’s a test of patience and endurance, but damn I’ve already been going so hard for so long. Need a month off from the classroom just for curriculum building. Also need a vacation. And a massage.
  2. In the Earth. Not scary, and kinda incomprehensible plot. So…some murderous forest that can communicate through modular synths or something? Huh? What happened to Wheatley.
  3. All my music is in Google Drive organized by genre>artist>album. From there I just sync to cloudbeats to play on any Bluetooth device. I don’t play music from my laptop. It’s all phone-based for me.
  4. hoping next weekend’s more relaxing than this one; monday morning looms
  5. It’s essentially red dead. Finding it tougher than expected on medium difficulty. But now thinking I need to move to Japan and become a samurai. So I’m in. Wish I could take off work tomorrow.
  6. Never owned an amp, borrowed my brother-in-law's (an acoustic guitar amp) to zen out with my 606, loved having the larger sound, he needed it back, and now I want my own. I know little about audio quality, and obviously doing nothing extraordinary here. What's cheap but serviceable? Noob q, I know...
  7. Just cracked into the first hour of Ghost of Tsushima / PS5. No significant opinions just yet.
  8. Of course it would be nice to get the outtakes and whatnot the way they did the minidiscs hacked. But as a forever rh die hard, I'm in no matter. When is the album coming out from The Smile?
  9. Did it for way too long. But have an addictive personality and don't need that right now.
  10. frankbooth


    I want to believe and will definitely watch this on HBOMax. Just refuse to jump on the Villeneuve bandwagon. Seen everything he’s done down to the shorts and just find it all so self important. There are soMe great reviews outta Venice. But look at David Ehrlich’s review, which goes into depth about how it doesn’t have a pulse Lynch disowns his version, but until proven otherwise that’s the Dune for me. Also fwiw Chase Palmer adapted Dune for WB about 15 years back and wrote a fantastic script.
  11. Went outside to the recycling bin, got stung by 3 yellow jackets.
  12. Went through the same hesitation but it came down to not wanting to spend so much. Paired with the TD-3 and it’s just the minimal set up I needed.
  13. TR-606. Loved it really for nostalgic reasons. Sold it for more than I spent on it, but regretted it the moment it was out the door. Feeling somewhat better now that I got an RD-6.
  14. got 8bit Collapse vibes from the vid.
  15. Just got tix for SF. Life’s hectic...this will most likely be the only show I get to in 2020.
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