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  1. Elb1 is some mad analord vibes, I wonder when it was made, any ideas?
  2. I really enjoyed that Metz edit, looking forward to the full track, come on bleep let us havvit.
  3. Mammal


    Yeah, rhythmically that's my favourite from the album. I remember getting excited about that track before the album launch and having heard the ATP live recording. Although the ATP version seemed to have humming some dark synth lines over it
  4. surely this must become the official video, so good.
  5. Make a Baby and Lush Acid (pt 1) are great, they are all great.
  6. fanks to the nice man, nice man, nice man!
  7. Mammal


    keeps getting better with each listening
  8. I second that. Thank you Richard d James!
  9. re-buys and buys all the products Aphex Twin, AFX, Polygon Window, Caustic Window, etc. even derivatives, not just cassettes, vinyl records, VHS and DVD ... thank you, good idea.
  10. Jesus! I want to give Richard James my money, how do I give Richard my money?
  11. it's him, but if by some chance not then I believe we have found the twin. Regardless of who made it, the feeling, sincerity, fun and art is all there.
  12. Vtnm2 reminds me a little of Radiator from SAW2, high in bpm's this one but similar none the less.
  13. the latest track Vtnm2 is a masterpiece, puts me in a SAW2 type trance, so much feeling.
  14. my cat vomited last night because he eats too much.
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