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  1. nowdo


    Listened to Dublin today, everything I hoped it would be. Plenty of bass. So chuffed these are released now!
  2. YES! was so chuffed to see a proper live set, he might grow in confidence and extend it in future exquisite melodies and acid, was drooling
  3. Even if a proper soundboard comes out it should retain the immortal line... “Is that a recorder mate?”
  4. Need proper soundboards of this! Sounds amazing. Well done the bootlegger.
  5. Get in! Well done :) Talkers...smh
  6. Excellent, will do. Would be well happy with residents :)
  7. Someone has too much time on their hands...probably me for making this post Caught being desperate for a soundboard.
  8. yeah this tour seems like an extension of the one six set. i'm still mourning the retirement of the ae_live set, some killer tunes in there.
  9. not sure about the breaky tune but the chords sound like this... https://clarointelecto.bandcamp.com/track/peace-of-mind-electrosoul looks like a wicked party! hope there's one in august.
  10. don't waste your skills making copycat tunes
  11. having a great time listening back through it. the scale of the work is quite something. plenty of thrills along the way too. had a funny moment towards the end of sesh 2, my bluetooth started playing up and the track was cutting in and out irregularly, with a weird rhythm. of course...i'd forgot this wasn't supposed to be part of the tune, listened to it for far too long not to be slightly embarrassed. way to go ae, you've got me listening to tech fuckups and thinking it's music.
  12. bastad, that's one of my favourite tunes, now it just looks like i'm copying afx not surprised he keeps caning it, it's got such a good/weird vibe Haha, fuck this and play/mix whatever you want, mate. I stopped caring about this long ago, wish i'd remember which "my fav" tunes Richie dropped soon after I've done my mix and most of the stuff was recently released at that time. I was quite amused (that we share more or less the same musical taste) and pissed at the same time but now, whatevs. Amuck is lush, I was quite suprised he dropped it at Field Day, though. hehe yeah i was buzzed when he played it then. i'm well happy to hear it played out. you think it's yours and then you go to a rave and realise all these other people like it. i think we carry around these obsessions and only warily let on to fellow nerds just how attached we are to certain music.
  13. bastad, that's one of my favourite tunes, now it just looks like i'm copying afx not surprised he keeps caning it, it's got such a good/weird vibe
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