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  1. can someone confirm if the file is in its entirety? 59mins it should be... let me know what issue is and ill reupload if needed.. peace
  2. cheers hi spiral and donervan for the fix - enjoy ;)
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/download/59rdsgj7j1ieg3o/Autechre_Live_Simplethings_Glasgow_TheArtSchool2014.mp3 You're welcome
  4. The Black Dog interview for Generator Magazine..
  5. Ae Seam Chantal... FM Interview... Gescom Review... Warp Is Ten Ae...
  6. Aphex Star Tracks... Warp Basket Dash...
  7. Aphex Another Care Review... Aphex Window Licker...
  8. Nice one Those are a lot better... I have many more bits including more Aphex, Ae, Plaid & tBD, Squarepusher and some Warp bits from various magazines and newspapers. Too many too mention... so I shall compile the Aphex related bits here for those who care ;)
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