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  1. I just don't see how it can be good, no matter the casting. Stand alone complex series (both) were the best screen time version of GITS and that is due to it having enough time to explore concepts in the manga. I don't think it can be done well in 2 hours and certainly not when it needs to be made as a blockbuster style action film to compete with super hero films. skip
  2. thanks for sharing nice to have the digitals for my commute, shame you can't bring record player on the train :)
  3. You could add each bandcamp digital release on discogs. That way you could see it as a version attached to the release.
  4. seems most australian discogs sellers think they are selling gold. I think the average price of records in my want list from australian sellers is about $60. i still buy a lot of 2nd hand records but i have resigned myself to wait for represses of my want list these days. i dont really go into record shops these days unless im on an overseas trip. mostly as i just dont find records in my range of interest locally. i must admit though when i goto record fairs i have discogs open and i compare the prices against listed prices to see if it is worth it.
  5. AB vinyl is on sale at juno fyi edit - lol should read all thread posts
  6. the new films were crud. star trek shouldn't be an action block buster. it can have some action but usually it is drawn out and heavily strategic, political and interesting. there was no interesting dialogue, no discovery, no real drama or decent concepts just wham thud crash whoosh. meh
  7. finally got to hear EDM D!!. if this was the vinyl release I would have kept the set hope there is an EDM D 12" one day
  8. Luka


    yeah i agree, i'd love a new lp
  9. true but for most people the main gain of learning electronics is being able to build gear and stuff you can use for the most part that is just assembling established projects but yes building stuff on breadboard is a good way to learn circuits if you want to be able to design your own stuff this is definitely the way to go
  10. Other than Xerox my favourties are Insen and Alpeh-1 Love this clip too
  11. start with some kits that you don't really care about soldering is a skills that takes some time to perfect so don't dive into anything you care about too much grab a reasonable soldering station with a fine(ish) tip, some pliers, cutters and a DMM (multimeter) that can measure capacitance, resistance, connectivity you will pickup some electronics when you start troubleshooting your circuits when they don't work but as you build stuff follow along with the schematics. once you are familiar with the blocks in schematics you will start to realise they repeat a lot in circuits and after a while you will be able to absorb them with ease remember it isn't a race to finish stuff - take your time
  12. i somehow caught the bug from friends and also while in berlin winter a few years back we found a scotch whiskey library that really make me addicted. when i was beginning with whiskey i went for the distinctive flavoured whiskeys - super peaty like laphroaig (though now i know this is pretty mild in comparison to some out there), fruity like lagavulin, and also i mostly stuck to the big names. when we were visiting the scotch whiskey library it was fun as we would do a geographical journey of whiskeys and I learnt that there are so many out there that are awesome and when i went back to my old favourites i found them a bit too much. these days i really enjoy some local tasmanian whiskeys like nant and lark. though my favourite on my shelf is macallan (estate reserve) we have some crazy whisky bars in melbourne now. i get lost in the selection. a blessing and a curse.
  13. we went through a similar problem. our water supply almost ran out. politicians started building pipelines from other states and desal plants. huge restrictions on using water. the desal plant was a major political event sold to us in a campaign of fear. the only reason i was slightly for it was it seemed like a reasonable technology to invest into - even if it wasn't really needed, i think it is enviable that as populations rise we will need more water. the long and short of it we built the desal plant, people replaced all the water tanks they threw out 10 years prior from the previous el nino drought, it began raining and we had some major flooding that covered most of the east cost of australia, water storage filled back up, desal plant costs billions of dollars to maintain. however the event was a kick in the pants to make people more aware of waste in systems. lots of people now invest in huge water storage in urban areas. lots of grey water systems are installed now. there is even more efficient energy use, home solar systems, reduction in power usage. desal currently is really bad for the environment. it takes so much energy to run and pumps out brine into the ocean. that brine will usually be destructive to the environment. while they say will be pumped far out into the ocean and not have an effect they usually try to cut costs and the first thing to go is the long underwater brine pipeline. from what i have read it is far more efficient to take human water out of water than salt - funny that these systems are rare and the primary solution is desal
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