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  1. dl: https://codexedition.com/products/superposition-download cd/book: https://codexedition.com/products/superposition-cd-booklet Only now realizing this came out back in October-- probably one of my favorite releases by him, would def check out :^)
  2. https://nn-audio.bandcamp.com/album/sex-tape yeah it's really titled that lmao description from his newsletter: "This 2 hour and 14 minute album was recorded during the 2020 lock down and initially planned to remain private. Things came otherwise, hence here it is. No further words will accompany this work."
  3. more info, from their FB page: "What started as an experiment grew into a concept for an entire album. By exploring the random functionalities on some synthesizers we had not used for a while, we found sequences that were best suited for passive listening whilst not stealing focus. It appeared as if the randomness kept our minds focused and relaxed at the same time. For a few weeks we listened to the tracks over and over for hours while coding, emailing, packing and other tasks and found them very stimulating. We defined the sounds, harmonies and the frequencies of the random pulse generators and then let the synthesizers perform the actual tracks. Sometimes by using randomly generated sequences, sometimes by looped and randomly modulated envelopes." Track list: 1. 6EQUJ5 13:34 2. Holding Time 10:03 3. Hello from the children of planet earth 10:48 4. Probability Approaches Infinity 09:38 5. Stókhos 07:33 6. Mycorrhizal Network 07:45 7. Delsjön 06:33 8. Sphere Eversion 07:32 9. Eigenvector 13:35 10. Finite State Space 08:21
  4. from their FB page: Stochastic Music for passive listening to enhance creativity Written and performed by machines, guided by humans. Digital release: 1 Sept Physical release: TBA + some youtube samples: According to the third video, it'll be a 10-track ambient album. Seriously looking forward to this, as Twentythree is probably one of my absolute favorite records by them (and one of my fav ambient releases ever). Hyped.
  5. New single/EP: CLASSIFIED https://sparkledivision.bandcamp.com/album/classified
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNHpp34KcT_/ "1 APRIL 2021 FRANKFURT/M XERROX VOL.4 & ENSEMBLE MODERN REHEARSAL" Sounds fucking amazing.
  7. Coming out super soon (March 26) on codex|edition, with a limited cd/book. Pre-order and whatnot: https://codexedition.com/products/music-for-installations-vol-1-cd-booklet "music for installations vol.1, a limited-edition collection of Ryoji Ikeda's compositions from his audiovisual installations. This album features a CD with seven-tracks selected and edited by Ikeda from works he has presented around the world. A 96-page booklet with an array of images from featured installations accompanies the CD with a silver band. This is the first release in a series of music for installations, with vol.2 and vol.3 to follow." 1. data.tron (2007–14) 2. test pattern (2008–17) 3. data.tecture (2012/2015) 4. data.path (2013) 5. test pattern [times square] (2014) 6. data.scape (2016) 7. data.flux (2017) Total 66:43 --- Quite excited for this one honestly, his installation work is pretty nice.
  8. https://boomkat.com/products/ryoji-ikeda-ep Uhh... okay. This is just Luxus 1-3 from 1000 Fragments on the A Side, and Space (Altered Version) from Time And Space on the flip. Nothing new, but I guess if you wanted the Luxus track on vinyl, then you're in luck. Out now, it seems.
  9. Bumping this topic once again since I dunno if this deserves a separate topic. I guess this is where he's headed next, like a mix of the latest entries in the Uni and Xerrox series. Quite nice atmospheric stuff here.
  10. Glad to see the cover for Laughing Stock (and Mark Hollis's s/t record!) on here. James Marsh's artwork for Talk Talk is spectacular. https://jamesmarsh.com/prints/
  11. "Due to the covid-19 pandemic this concert was cancelled. As a little consolation we uploaded a stereo-downmix of our last rehearsal. Feel free to have a listen to what we have prepared. Please take care everybody — and see you in better times!"
  12. Aaaand another, third single. "The Wheel of Fortune"
  13. Oop, almost forgot about this one. New single: "Tear Vial"
  14. Same goes for the Anvil Vapre 12"s, one was (sorta) green, one was (sorta) orange.
  15. someguy


    Finally a new post on Vicacid. Not a different GP-era photo this time, rather it's the lyrics to F-Train! https://www.vicacid.net/
  16. watch as the album covers end up being this or smth
  17. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/william-basinski/products/trr343 https://williambasinski.bandcamp.com/album/lamentations Out November 13th. William Basinski’s reputation as the foremost producer of profound meditations on death and decay has long been established, but on his new album, Lamentations, he transforms operatic tragedy into abyssal beauty. More than any other work since The Disintegration Loops, there is an ominous grief throughout the album, and that sense of loss lingers like an emotional vapor. Captured and constructed from tape loops and studies from Basinski’s archives – dating back to 1979 – Lamentations is over forty years of mournful sighs meticulously crafted into songs. They are shaped by the inevitable passage of time and the indisputable collapsing of space – and their collective resonance is infinite and eternal. TRACK LISTING 1. For Whom the Bell Tolls 2. The Wheel of Fortune 3. Paradise Lost 4. Tear Vial 5. O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow 6. Passio 7. Punch and Judy 8. Silent Spring 9. Transfiguration 10. All These Too, I, I Love 11. Please, This Shit Has Got To Stop 12. Fin "O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow" is available as a single already (see Bandcamp link above). Dude's been on a hell of a release streak this year. We finally got Hymns of Oblivion, another random collab track with Richard Chartier, that excellent Sparkle Division track, and now this! Judging by the single and the apparent era of these loops/recordings, we might be getting some more A Red Score In Tile/Melancholia-sounding stuff. I'm excited for it. 😛
  18. (Sorry if there's already a topic for this.) https://jonhassell.bandcamp.com/album/seeing-through-sound-pentimento-volume-two Out July 24th. Man is like 83 and still releasing some crazy stuff, amazing. Also again sorry if this is old news but probably wise to give this a look and throw the man some moneys: https://www.gofundme.com/f/jon-hassell-fund
  19. Video is up for Xerrox Canaux. (Volume 4 is seriously amazing, imo.)
  20. And now for something completely different, I guess. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr345 ...Yeah. TRACK LISTING (and I can't believe I'm seeing these tracktitles on something Basinski is directly involved in, lmfao)1. You Go Girl!2. You Ain't Takin' My Man3. For Gato4. Oh Henry!5. To the Stars Major Tom6. Oh No You Did Not!7. To Feel8. To Feel Embraced9. Slappin' Yo Face10. Mmmmkayy I'm Goin' Out Now and I Don't Want Any Trouble From You!11. Queenie Got Her Blues12. Sparkle On Sad Sister Mother Queen13. No Exit Album & single (which is p good) available on Bandcamp here: https://sparkledivision.bandcamp.com/album/to-feel-embraced https://sparkledivision.bandcamp.com/track/oh-henry
  21. New digital single available on Kompakt.
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