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  1. I've listened to this album more than any BOC album by a long shot. The highs aren't as high and the low's aren't as low as previous efforts, but the bleak.. sort of held back vibe works for me, quite a bit.
  2. There is a track titled 'aphex train' on streets of rage 4 (1:00:48) It's a very clear homage:
  3. Random but there is a track in streets of rage 4 entitled 'aphex train'. at 1:00:48 if anyone is curious.
  4. Oh that's right. Forgot about the dick tip. Here's hoping it's Vibert in Plug mode and Aphex in SAW mode melding the most beautiful IDM breakbeat jungle known to mankind. (back in fanboy mode)
  5. If I had to put sweet money down and set aside my fanboy fantasy collab wishes... I predict Nina Kraviz. Wasn't she over at his house at one point? God knows where I read that.... a german mag or something?.. You know they had some studio time.
  6. I hope it's a jungle artist. If not that.. something ridiculously off the wall and pop.. with a video.. Frank Ocean or something.
  7. It was great when Richard changed the title of one of his tracks to 'tracktitle [jessica cortes mix]. It was sweet and I'm sure made her damn day.
  8. Still think this is the best of his recent material by quite a bit (syro and after). The middle part of Abundance still gives me the shivers and the rest of the tracks are incredibly solid. Nice bonus that it's also loaded with sub-bass and very clear sounding production.
  9. Holy shit. this is great. Plenty I missed somehow. Of course, I hope he releases this stuff.. but I do sort of like the idea that part of his "live" experience is to hear tracks you can't hear anywhere else (properly).
  10. that week 2 wav file is really making my day. Holy shit. Thanks.
  11. Checked the ol' soundcloud and he recently mentioned Keith Flint: Yeah i met him only once and was shocked just how sweet the dude was. We were playing in the same place down under and he checked up on me to make sure everything was good, super lovely guy, very genuine, hope your having fun in the other place Keith! he also commented on a track calling it 'dope'.. which it definitely is. Woo
  12. What I would do for a full soundboard recording of this... His new tracks are sounding damn amazing. They have more of a groove than anything on Syro. I'm really liking he isn't changing the tracks drastically every 8 bars like Syro. Tracks to get lost in for sure :) And mother fuck what an opening.
  13. Phex was the first artist I've heard that used such extremes (beautiful/absurdly harsh) in a single track. It blew my 16 year old mind at the time. It made both aspects feel more powerful to hear them juxtaposed like that. I admit as I get older I'm less interested in the super abrasive parts. He seems less interested as well. He still goes there of course but it's still interesting and a fun listen, not simply an auditory middle finger like he liked to do in the past.
  14. Moments like the mid-section of abundance are what what made me the obsessed fan I am of the Phex. Love all kinds of his styles but the muted yet catchy bitter sweet melody is too good. On first listen I almost didn't notice it's brilliance (96k rip, low volume).
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