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  1. https://lonelymachines.org/2020/10/31/autechre-plus-review/ Plus being "SIGN’s extroverted brother."
  2. What was the reasoning behind not releasing both SIGN/PLUS together? Why promotional focus has been mostly on SIGN (so far at least)?
  3. There is more: https://esoteros.net/2020/10/14/autechre-sign/
  4. Yeah! Do you think the tshirt is slowing the stuff? Mine hasn't been posted yet... Can't wait to get it in my greasy hands and compare how different it sounds from the headphone experience so far. Man... si00 opended up so much for me yesterday. It was like a clam. Soft & wet. The skeletal percussion & underlying menacing bass was a real emotional fuckery! Why are you playing with my emotions Autechre?
  5. Das Autechre! A review auf Deutsch! https://www1.wdr.de/radio/cosmo/musik/musikserien/reviews/autechre-signs-100.html
  6. The Wire has spoken Autechre SIGN Warp CD/DL/LP Autechre’s propensity for excess over the last seven years – numerous mixes, Warp Tapes 88–93, elseq 1–5, that eight hour NTS box set, and so on – may have obscured the eagerness of Rob Brown and Sean Booth to smuggle pop beauty into their fractured arrhythmias. To put it another way, we all might be forgiven for forgetting that these two have LPs like SIGN lurking in their compositional DNA. For all its hyperactive mania, 2013’s Exai was home to sloping, cybernetic gems like “jatevee C” and “YJY UX” where the duo’s inherent idiosyncras
  7. another one: https://www.stereogum.com/2102047/autechre-sign-review/franchises/reviews/premature-evaluation/
  8. I’ve been walking with Ae in downtown Warsaw for the past hour. Warm, autumn evening, leaves falling, bustling city around me. Sign feels like perfect auditory companion. Warm, lush and emotional but propulsive at the same time. It is perfectly paced: insane begining of M4 lema, sensitive si00, stuttering sch.mefd2 and a perfect closure of r cazt. Even abrupt ending of tracks dont stop the flow. Amazing how quickly the music clicked with me. Gr4 is the only track that is kind of meh at the moment... Anyways, big thanks Susanna & Roberta! You’ve done it again! Shit... completely f
  9. Sign sounds incomplete without the BLOINK noise!
  10. this is gorgeous ! what a closer!
  11. Hope it's not the last one & the Japanese bonus will be streamed as well.
  12. Th Red A: last side of the digital vinyl... In love with the wobbly bass....
  13. It's been realy diverse so far: beats, pads & emotional fuckery
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