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  1. https://lonelymachines.org/2020/10/31/autechre-plus-review/ Plus being "SIGN’s extroverted brother."
  2. What was the reasoning behind not releasing both SIGN/PLUS together? Why promotional focus has been mostly on SIGN (so far at least)?
  3. There is more: https://esoteros.net/2020/10/14/autechre-sign/
  4. Yeah! Do you think the tshirt is slowing the stuff? Mine hasn't been posted yet... Can't wait to get it in my greasy hands and compare how different it sounds from the headphone experience so far. Man... si00 opended up so much for me yesterday. It was like a clam. Soft & wet. The skeletal percussion & underlying menacing bass was a real emotional fuckery! Why are you playing with my emotions Autechre?
  5. Das Autechre! A review auf Deutsch! https://www1.wdr.de/radio/cosmo/musik/musikserien/reviews/autechre-signs-100.html
  6. The Wire has spoken Autechre SIGN Warp CD/DL/LP Autechre’s propensity for excess over the last seven years – numerous mixes, Warp Tapes 88–93, elseq 1–5, that eight hour NTS box set, and so on – may have obscured the eagerness of Rob Brown and Sean Booth to smuggle pop beauty into their fractured arrhythmias. To put it another way, we all might be forgiven for forgetting that these two have LPs like SIGN lurking in their compositional DNA. For all its hyperactive mania, 2013’s Exai was home to sloping, cybernetic gems like “jatevee C” and “YJY UX” where the duo’s inherent idiosyncrasies proved incapable of quashing all those sweet, sweet micro-hooks, jutting from their unfixed geometries like crystalline splinters. On SIGN, Autechre lean harder into new age bliss than one might expect. Opener “M4 Lema” folds soothing, glowing tonal sweeps around digitised spackles and clicks. “r cazt” lays out a dissonant, stormy drone, its synthesizers flaring up like space rock guitars. “Metaz form8”, with a host of extended overlapping chords and searching, psychedelic resolutions, is only slightly less linear than a Kali Malone or Sarah Davachi meditation. the cascading “all end” from NTS Sessions aside, they’ve rarely come across as quite this pretty, this ambient, this willing to sidestep the impossible 16 limbed IDM beat entirely. Yet one can always count on Booth and Brown to wild out pensively and endearingly. Thus there’s the electronic xylophone bongo bounce of “si00” and the felicitous “au14”, which sounds like the outcome of a long, very complex round of the memory game Simon. The tangled, baroque “sch.mefd 2” is another of those certified low-key Ae stunners – think “Gelk”, “Y7” or “Vose In” – that captivates, apparently without really trying. Lumpen notes chase each other up and down engorged, echoing scales; separate chords stalk a warm, bleary melody. A percussive continuity is established – a pop, an imitation snare, a trail of snaps. Seemingly locked in a cycle of self-reinvention and darkening as it advances, the tune is as puzzling as it is gorgeous. Raymond Cummings
  7. another one: https://www.stereogum.com/2102047/autechre-sign-review/franchises/reviews/premature-evaluation/
  8. I’ve been walking with Ae in downtown Warsaw for the past hour. Warm, autumn evening, leaves falling, bustling city around me. Sign feels like perfect auditory companion. Warm, lush and emotional but propulsive at the same time. It is perfectly paced: insane begining of M4 lema, sensitive si00, stuttering sch.mefd2 and a perfect closure of r cazt. Even abrupt ending of tracks dont stop the flow. Amazing how quickly the music clicked with me. Gr4 is the only track that is kind of meh at the moment... Anyways, big thanks Susanna & Roberta! You’ve done it again! Shit... completely forgot about gonkiness of au14!!! My baed!
  9. Sign sounds incomplete without the BLOINK noise!
  10. this is gorgeous ! what a closer!
  11. Hope it's not the last one & the Japanese bonus will be streamed as well.
  12. Th Red A: last side of the digital vinyl... In love with the wobbly bass....
  13. It's been realy diverse so far: beats, pads & emotional fuckery
  14. This is great! Coil vibes anyone?
  15. the bros bought new casio chord? LUSH!!!!
  16. https://www.mixesdb.com/db/index.php?curid=528843
  17. wredny


    Lol this thread went sidewaeys...
  18. wredny


    Review by RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/23512 "As ever with Autechre, if you don't get it, you don't get it. To plenty it's just noise. And amen to that. In this age of constant availability and musical snacking, isn't it nice to have an act on a big stage willing to present something daunting, something that threatens to overwhelm you? Because this is overwhelming music, and it does test your faculties at points—but it is also music of pleasure, just as much as anything in Autechre's catalogue. It isn't austere, it isn't clever-clever, it isn't something that requires masters degrees to understand—it just needs you to give in to it. And maybe that's why, more than anyone of their generation, Autechre still feel relevant. Their music makes sense in the era of Objekt, NON Worldwide, PAN and UIQ. It's radical, but still aimed at the brain and body with that pure rave intensity, humour and passion, and with that improvisational wildness and freedom always either latent or—as here—out in the open. It is out of its mind and all the better for it." All of this is coolio but wtf with the rating? 4,1/5... please stop...
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    Sorry. I meant Seattle, not Chicago. The boyz have been messing with my head seriously!
  20. wredny


    Anyone hears a muted vocal sample in Chicago at 14:30? Dope!! Wasnt aware that robs&seans are such gifted singers... These sets are just keep on delivering...
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