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  1. Incredible! The debut solo 12" release of B12's Mike Golding will be out on Delsin on 29.04.2019. https://www.delsinrecords.com/release/6231/mike-golding/the-beginning-ep
  2. Yesterday there were three new versions of "Avril 14th" and "Drukqs" had 34 tracks in total... Today there are only two new versions and "Drukqs" has 'only' 33 tracks... Did anyone else notice this? Unfortunately I can't remember the title of the "Avril 14th" version that has disappeared.
  3. White vinyl on Bleep right now, 250 copies...
  4. "Drocovums" and "Tricolore" were also included in the Soundcloud dump, the other two tracks - namely "D Funk" and "Brittle" - seem completely unreleased to me... Is this correct?
  5. 19:07 - received new release alert 19:10 - purchased 19:11 - posted here about availablility 19:23 - sold out reported It's incredible how fast copies are gone... I truly hope that someone else here has managed to purchase one.
  6. Copies are available on Juno, NOOOOOW!!!
  7. I just checked, that's a $250-$500 cartridge now, depending on where you get it. Just a replacement stylus alone costs more than any cartridge I've been able to afford. I think they're discontinued though, which would explain it. It has been replaced by the AT440MLB, which is supposed to be even slightly better. Amazon.com is selling it at $ 199.00, there's many enthusiastic reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT440MLB-Phonograph-Cartridge/dp/B00OQUJ1QO
  8. i am using an Audio-Technica AT440MLA on my SL-1210MK2, it is best budget cartridge I've ever tried in my life.
  9. I ordered the CDs in early September, still no sign of them...
  10. Looks like two new tracks are available for the "Selected Ambient Works II" album, althought they belong to "Drukqs"...
  11. It's one of the extra-tracks included on "B12 Records Archive Vol. 2".
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