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  1. As the hour approaches, I'll darken the room and pull all the curtains tight, fish a razorblade from the cupboard and queue up Steinvord. As 23:59 passes into 00:00 I will jizz myself and slit my wrist in perfect sync with *that* bit from Maelstrom. Thus I will summon the antichrist
  2. I was given a $1500 bonus. Grand, right?* Except that they've owed me $7,000 for about eight months, and there's still no sight of it. I just got neoliberalism'd *more like grand and a half ROFLFLOL
  3. I've always lived by the smell test - I'll happily keep, and eat, things well past their sell-by date as long as they smell/taste/look alright. Cheese? Cut the mouldy bit out, the rest is fine you wuss. Pasta? Don't be dumb, pasta never goes off. But today I met my match. Natural yoghurt. It smells and tastes sour anyway. I've done a couple of really weird shits this morn
  4. Yanqui cheese and chocolate tastes like plastic. yo
  5. Welsh is strong in Gwynedd and Ceredigion (i.e. where Plaid gets votes) which are more sedentary and rural. In the South there's a much more mobile and better connected population, so there's a lack of transmission between generations. It's slowly coming back though thanks to more emphasis in schools Lovely language, I don't speak it but am very familiar with it. I grew up right on the border, English village with a Welsh name, if I lived two fields over I would have learnt Welsh at school
  6. Can When Back is great. There 'a bit of dross in here lol, but you could def compile 1 or 2 albums of bangers from all this material
  7. Their stance on Brexit is kinda theoretical - they'd cancel the whole shebang if they won a majority, which isn't likely. But if they did, then that would presumably be on the basis of a strong remain turnout, in which case just cancelling it isn't an outrageous idea. Realistically, in any coalition scenario they'd push for another referendum. This'll be the last UK election I can vote in, been out of the country for almost too long. Last vote like all my others is going to the LDs. They used to rule my county with an iron fist until the MP got caught banging an SAS bloke's wife lol
  8. It's interesting to think that, the whole underpinning of our system of economic liberalism is that open market activity is a maximization of free choice. But IMO, free choice as a concept can become a bit shaky in our modern context where several generations have been born and raised in an environment that is saturated with broad spectrum marketing. Are your choices really your own when advertising has influenced your very upbringing? (I assume I've pinched that line of thought from Adam Curtis somewhere)
  9. You've had nearly a year to chew over 2018's releases. What's your fav track?
  10. didn't realise the Edwardians had such a good crack at alleviating famine. Pax Britannica?
  11. When I was 16 some friends of mine tried to set me up with this lass, on the promise that "she's well fit mate ennit, and she was well into this pic of you I have" (this was basically the equivalent of online dating in the early 2000s welsh marches). She was also 16, from one of the local children's homes, which were basically rural dumping grounds for urban kids who'd been taken from their parents. I had a few friends who were in "the system" already, most of whom were nice but often very rough round the edges from the abuse they were given before they were taken by social services, as you can imagine... Anyway we texted a few times, seemed nice enough, then one evening she tells me she can get dropped off in town to meet for the first time. I catch up with her, with a friend of mine in tow, down by the river (popular drinking/dogging spot for feral teens) to find her sitting on a bench alone in the dark, flicking fag ends into the river, absolutely wrecked and sporting a school bag intricately packed with green WKD bottles, padded out with newspaper so that they didn't jingle. So she was actually quite fit, and through her booze haze could tell she was a nice person, big heart n' all that, but obviously her being utterly sloshed made the whole thing, er, a bit odd. We all hang out, I neck a couple of her shitty drinks too, shoot the shit about acquaintances in common etc etc, but she was always dropping hints about how she hates her carehome and all the restrictions they put on you when you live in one, and hates the guts of everyone who works there. This wasn't surprising since most of the kids in them can't stand the places. Cut to about half an hour ahead, the three of us are strolling round on the riverbank, and we see the reflected blue flash of a police light on the trees and ground. Turn around to see a rozzer van crawling up the nearby road. An unnerving sight for any feral teen, but it had a more powerful affect on my date - with an "ah shite" she belts it, leaving her bag behind, shouting some mix of "fuckin' ell" and "i'll text you later" as she disappears into the woods. Officer gets out, ushers us over, asks what we're up to, who bought us our booze but what they really want to know is who we were just with. I'm put in the back of the rozzer van - door left open - while two cops talk to my mate. After a few minutes it's my turn, they ask me out of the van and I'm asked "did you know that [she] had run away from her caregivers?" and "did you help her to plan to run away?". To their credit they quickly realise that we're just dumbass teens and not co-conspirators. They leave us there, not before confiscating the booze, and drive off. We sit on a bench for a while, wondering if my date will ever turn up again, and what I'd do or say if she did come back - but she doesn't, nor does she text back, so we head to another friend's house for a bit before calling it a night. She gets back in touch with me about a week later. Rozzers tracked her down, took her back to her home where her phone was taken from her for a few days, and she wasn't allowed out except under supervision for a good while. Never really spoke after that, but ended up bumping into her a few times, when we were both visiting people at the carehome nearest me. She's nice, friendly, but definitely a nutter and claims to be able to see butterflies all the time (drugs). And, a couple of years later she suddenly turns up at my doorstep asking if we could hang out, having tracked me down through an old mutual friend and walked probably seven miles to the farm I was living on. Freaked the shit out of my parents. I drove her back to town, I awkwardly put up with her genuinely friendly but clearly deranged chat for a while, then she got on a bus and that's the last I ever saw or heard from her There's probably a moral to that story somewhere
  12. I like MBM because I, too, am a dad Delicious stuff, and that ScanOne EP is great
  13. Trying to re-find a French stereotype map I once saw that, over Italy, just said "lock the car"
  14. Yeah, er, Forbes can piss off. I agree with you on a lot of things, re the recent fires being hyped up a bit, and yes the hypocrisy of armchair environmentalists is a bit lol - especially Germany and it's hair-tearing-out-ly asinine, post-Fukushima energy policies - and might I add Canada that sometimes gets lauded as an eco-paradise while it's still gunning for vast hydrocarbon exploitation (or, at least, some parts of the country are). That's no reason to not pressure Brazil to protect the existing forest better though. Other avenues of economic development are possible if they're willing to put a bit more thought in. Lots of other states with a similar economic standing to Brazil (and lower) have tacked a different course. Madagascar springs to mind. And yes richer states should be providing funds to poorer ones, or investing in better industries, to help them do that. Forbes are just shit-stirring hate against anyone remotely environmentally inclined. Next time there's a totally legitimate environmental campaign, Forbes'll be lambasting them by proxy, smearing the whole issue as just a bunch of nimby luddites all because a few rich people posted a few slightly incognizant tweets last time round. It's not like it isn't in line with their editorial stance...
  15. that first one is cracking stuff. listening to the rest after
  16. I use Reaper. I make musical songs with it occasionally. They are not very good though lol
  17. Really don't get how that's your takeaway. We've not triggered or added to anything, we're directly causing warming, totally overriding natural forcings which presently would actually be causing a very slight cooling. We're swinging atmospheric chemistry around to a level hundreds of times more extreme than anything that's happened naturally since that big space rock fucked the dinosaurs
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