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Community Answers

  1. One more https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR7NB61F/
  2. Not exactly a cover but worth hearing https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR7LtMQE/
  3. atypic

    µ-Ziq - Hello

    Been listening to this album a lot today while working. Really enjoying it, more so than I did when I first bought it.
  4. I didn't see another thread for this one, so starting it here. I just started casually listening to this one today due to a Touched Music Bandcamp email update, and I've never heard Anders before. I'll need time to digest it, but I'm super digging tracks 3 and 4. Strongly reminiscent of 1995 era Autechre/Gescom (particularly track 4), which has a special place in my heart. Those two tracks merit the purchase for me. https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/light-shadow
  5. I need to digest it more, but I at least think it's a stronger release than the second one.
  6. https://principlesofgeometry.bandcamp.com/album/qontinent-ag
  7. I thought the first track was promising but not compelling enough to immediately pre-order. To the Bandcamp wishlist it goes!
  8. I got so excited when I saw the email about this! Listening now and it's dope so far.
  9. Also my birthday weekend and that would make an awesome birthday treat. I'll consider it...
  10. Oh, I'm annoyed per-track purchase is turned off. I really love the first track Volkan but the rest of it isn't hitting the spot...
  11. I'm in. And I thought Muziq was dope at the bandstand last time. Also enjoyed Beak>, AG Cook, Survive. This time I'm buying the ticket for Aphex Twin again, but interested in Arca and Hagop
  12. Do you all have the tickets show up in the AXS app? I got the confirmation email but the tickets aren't in the app.
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