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  1. I can't believe he put tha2 on SC. I just found these today and have been blown away. When I heard them live, I thought that was next full Aphex Twin album level quality.
  2. Out today, listening now (I had already pre-ordered). Really lovely stuff, so into it. Brings me back. And it seemed I didn't have a few of these from my SoundCloud archive.
  3. atypic

    elseq 1-5

    This one has become one of my very favorites too.
  4. Into this; held up for a few listens. Will buy digitals.
  5. I'm not consistently a Brainwaltzera fan, but I have come to really love this EP. One of my favorite new releases this year.
  6. I like it, and bought the digital, but think it falls on the weaker side of their catalog.
  7. Even though I went to a different concert tonight, I still came back to listen to the Avant show. I'm still blown away by the gorgeousness and brutality of it.
  8. That SAW 3 track around 4:00 mins in about brought me to tears
  9. I wish they were selling the show posters! They are so cool
  10. Ooo Roberta's, so damn good. And yes, nobody wanted the extra ticket!
  11. I have an extra ticket to this one. Send me a message if you're interested. Not looking to make money here. I don't log on often anymore, but I'll try to check back in
  12. Would love to hear a recording of that actually. Some recordings do exist actually. 1997!
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