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  1. This is dope. Imma buy this one on my next Bandcamp spree. Tusken Acid is particularly killer
  2. Realized there wasn't a thread for this new release. https://williambasinski.bandcamp.com/album/on-reflection Excellent album, definitely classic Basinski.
  3. I too desire to purchase digitals
  4. https://musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/album/funkentst-rt
  5. Just literally listening to this right now. I had forgotten I preordered it. I guess in a Bandcamp frenzy. Sounds promising for sure on first listen.
  6. Listening to this now. Certainly in line with their recent releases. Pretty nice. I tend to get their releases out of . . . historical loyalty?
  7. I really came around on this release. I quite enjoy it now.
  8. That's awesome. It's been great for me to re-live too. Particularly enjoying Breakart, Unknown, and Aemic. I remember emailing Fakesch probably in 1997-98 and he was very patient with me as a college student pestering him with questions. I remember him saying ~"wow you email reply so quickly" and I was like "yeah I have basically limitless time to email" he said "I don't." haha
  9. They're already in the expanded version of the solo album
  10. That album completely blew me away on original release.
  11. https://musikausstrom.bandcamp.com/music Exciting stuff. Much of this was formative to me.
  12. New trailer for the interactive thing. Out free on PS5 and Epic Games Store (PC) on Nov 18
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