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  1. atypic

    elseq 1-5

    This one has become one of my very favorites too.
  2. Into this; held up for a few listens. Will buy digitals.
  3. I'm not consistently a Brainwaltzera fan, but I have come to really love this EP. One of my favorite new releases this year.
  4. I like it, and bought the digital, but think it falls on the weaker side of their catalog.
  5. Even though I went to a different concert tonight, I still came back to listen to the Avant show. I'm still blown away by the gorgeousness and brutality of it.
  6. That SAW 3 track around 4:00 mins in about brought me to tears
  7. I wish they were selling the show posters! They are so cool
  8. Ooo Roberta's, so damn good. And yes, nobody wanted the extra ticket!
  9. I have an extra ticket to this one. Send me a message if you're interested. Not looking to make money here. I don't log on often anymore, but I'll try to check back in
  10. Would love to hear a recording of that actually. Some recordings do exist actually. 1997!
  11. I used to do a Digital Hardcore radio show in NYC back in the 90s, and I'd always use Christoph at the end of it in my transition to the IDM part of my show. Them were days...
  12. I thought this other recent release was also excellent https://www.discogs.com/Christoph-De-Babalon-Grim-Zenith-EP/master/1394631
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