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Community Answers

  1. Do You Remember When It Was All About The Drums? Parts I & II by Downpour
  2. Been listening a lot. I think it's RTR's most solid release, on a per-song average basis.
  3. Digital is out now and it is excellent. Loving it.
  4. I dug out my old highest bitrate .wma's ripped from the original disc and compared Tundra and Smedley. I'm a novice, but the remaster to me sounded cleaner, more instrument separation, and yeah levels boosted.
  5. What are thoughts on the quality/value of the remaster compared to the original master?
  6. This is great. Really wasn't expecting to like this as much
  7. I'm planning on buying this one too. Typically I wait until Bandcamp Days, but we'll see. I'm still working through last month's Bandcamp Day purchases...
  8. I think AF has released some really incredible stuff to date, so I almost always buy their stuff. But I'm not too down on the unknown artist (LOL at "aren't they all unknown") trend. And totally agree that this one feels lackluster. This will be one I won't preorder. Bummer.
  9. This is a stellar release, one of my favorites of this year.
  10. I'm guessing this one won't be indefinitely available due to IP clearance reasons.
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