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  1. Downloads enabled if anyone wants it. Thoughts welcome. 🏹
  2. I just realized that there was no Patten set. 🤔
  3. It's called 'ART OF DESTRUCTION' https://hdmirror.bandcamp.com/album/art-of-destruction Thoughts welcome. x
  4. Michael Oswell said in a recent interview with Crack: ''At the moment I’m gearing up to roll out the identity for Warp’s 30th anniversary, which attempts to deal with the ‘slow cancellation of the future’ by manically mining and re-contextualising the label’s visual history and projecting it into A Beautiful Purple Future.'' Interview here: https://crackmagazine.net/article/long-reads/designer-michael-oswell-on-creating-the-artwork-for-holly-herndons-proto-album/
  5. Hey everybody, here's a recording of my HDMIRROR live set at Unsound Festival in October. Criticism/Opinions/Observations welcome :)
  6. The individual tracks are available here: https://hdmirror.bandcamp.com/album/adrenalin Thoughts/criticism welcome
  7. Record the sounds to audio and edit them so they are short. No need for fancy plugins.
  8. I like the song but the cartoon video is a bit basic
  9. Have a listen, opinions welcome: The separate tracks are available here: https://hdmirror.bandcamp.com/album/avant-trance
  10. Hi, thanks for the kind words! For the videos I just use Premiere Pro. I'm learning After Effects at the moment so the upcoming videos will hopefully be more impressive And I do have at least one EP coming very soon
  11. Thanks! Yeah, keep people's attention (at any cost) was the goal
  12. I sometimes make music videos for my tracks, thoughts/criticism welcome: The audio is downloadable for free. Link in the description.
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