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  1. this is an instant buy for me. to be able to edit the tables that quickly is mind blowing. i've scratched my head with scala for years, had a few bits of hardware like the tbx-1 and the tubbutec mutune, i've tried some of the maxforlive patches but nothing ties it all together like this. just wish it could take a reference pitch from say a drifty oscillator and adjust accordingly. otherwise, im giddy as hell.
  2. look under your chairs folks! you're getting microtonal and you're getting microtuning and you're getting just intonated
  3. These are too good to be any of the above mentioned names.
  4. Maybe that’s the box that’s going to host the next 11 analords
  5. I’m a gear nerd but just not feeling another synth atm. I’d much rather get new music than another gear collab. Unless it’s a new sequencer of course
  6. Not my video but pretty nice. Like the copped stylistic tune at the end lol http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/09/05/hands-on-with-aphex-twins-modular-synthesizer/amp/
  7. I remember navigating through all of the MySpace aliases
  8. I wish he’d share the nagra recorded drums on SoundCloud so that we may all revel in it’s bliss. Would love to chop those breaks. Also wonder who played them?
  9. Still making a fuss over the tuss 14 years on
  10. No worries. I’ve lurked on here for awhile and know the tone of the place. the only reason I thought mug bass was legit was that it was posted on the same MySpace page with vibervibed synth which later became 180db. it also would mean that EOD had a bigger hand in the disinformation campaign
  11. Jus pooped a little. Doesn’t surprise me. EOD is top shelf and a super accomplished producer. Tbh, if you played anything off of Named before I’d heard it and said it was a Syro outtake, id believe it full heartedly.
  12. +1 for the megafm. Definitely not for everyone but it does have a magical quality due to the dac distortion. The cc integration and MPE are solid. I’m using a sonoclast plastic pitch plus and I can tune every note. Instant lp5 sounds
  13. Also forgot to mention that I’m using the rs7000 near strictly for midi sequencing and as main clock. Using the nerdseq slaved to it to process cv/gates. Works like a dream
  14. I’ve never used a qy70. If anything, Yamaha took everything they learned through the years and put it into the rs7000. I haven’t played around with the chord transpose aspect yet but I think it has it. There are some fairly intensive processes that allow you to chop chords up into separate parts for further processing with the midi effects
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