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  1. SAW 1 was full of beats and acid, but straight beats not hyper stuff, might be the same style again?
  2. I think it's Nina Kraviz. First I thought it was his wife but she does look different from the pic of the women with him a month or 2 ago, he also said in the cracked interview that she was round his house recently.
  3. Awesome Song One of my Favorites as well:) I heard this for the first time right after Forbidden Fruit 2017 :aphexsign: :aphexsign: :aphexsign: It's an utter masterpiece. Weird and microtonal as fuck, but has so much emotion, those breakdowns at 1:05 and 3:20 are ridiculous, super sad in a weird way that I have never heard before, he really is the master of the melody, it just all works so well. Quintessentially Aphex, sonically strange and off-beat but still so human, it's all in the sequencing.
  4. That's a fact. I had the same thing with the Manchester track vs minipops. On the live recording when the voice comes in at the end it sounded very heavy, bassy and dark to me, which I loved. The studio version felt totally weak and forgettable. heh i had the same with metz track. its like when you like your old noisy tapes better than cds Also the Metz track had extra hi hats halfway through and some cool extra sound effects here and there. That combined with the huge reverb and live context, the audience and as already stated the vagueness of it makes the live version LOT more
  5. I think it has something to do with the microdot story in the Syrobonkus interview: Artwork, this time I didnt want to just stick a 'picture' on it you know, its pretty acidmicrodot inspired in a way [cold as fuck] as was icbyd cover which happened after my girlfriend morphed into me while she was lying on top of me [scariest thing I ever saw, looked much better than the pic i painted for that, , no emotion awhile after my girlfriend tried to comfort me, as i musta looked in a bit of a state, she stroked my arm and all I could think was, why is there a skeleton with a blood circulatory sy
  6. Deciphered message from Reddit account "AFXhypeman_OFFICIAL", the same account that posted clues before Collapse was released: hello guys, girls and trannies, just checking in to announce there will be some totally new aphex twin custom official limited edition dentures for sale soon. so vexing! also in the pipeline is the long-awaited "selected ambient works 1.5" metal cassette, cd, vomit-tinted vinyl and manual ciphers (fuck digitals, analog only, baby). available for download by kind legal agreeement from r+s records international via mail order on march 5th, 2019. finally, whi
  7. The things I would do for that Drukqs Collapsed CD, looks so mint, hopefully some make their way back for sale on the interwebs
  8. Choirdrill 40:00, identical synth to Medieval Rave MK2, impressively close. Some others at the ending of Tuning and Window, but the latter could be some SC tracks I missed, and the former are probably fake, but sound so chaotic and random I am not too bothered either way.
  9. Definitely some completely new, never-heard-before tracks here, some in Tuning, some in Window, some in Choirdrill. Whether they are real or an imitation is pretty up in the air, they certainly sound authentic to the corresponding era/sound design, if it is fake, the guy has done their homework.
  10. The vox are so bizarrely satisfying! Crazy to think this was probably a precursor to the Collapse-era old drum machine style. I remember hearing that just after Syro and being confused why he wasn't going forward but going back to old drum machines, now it makes perfect sense!
  11. Yeah, I run this site called www.midm-database.co.uk, has a bunch of MIDI's of RDJ's discography, aisatsana included. Some of the Drukqs piano pieces would also be well suited for a Carillon, don't forgot to post anything you record!
  12. I think they are new tracks, don't know where this Stone in Focus connection has come from, it sounds extremely modern. The second track does have the same timbre as MDMA but the melody is different so it's probably just a new track made in that time period.
  13. I mean I don't mean to be all stalker-ish but I saw this post on reddit and I thought it cleared it all up: Notice the mic, how mad would it be if she was doing the vocals for MT1 and that first ambient track live...
  14. Really starting to sound like SAW 3 up in here.. That beginning is so massive, beautiful and powerful, absolutely lush. Hope he has an album full of that stuff ready to roll. Nice recording aswell, love how deep the bass is. Also around 8:30 minutes, wtf is that tune and why is it so god damn good, it's so short but promising, proper Tomorrows Harvest vibes, but those extra modulations around 8:42 really sound next level. Future looks very bright if that is the pallete of SAW 3/his next stuff.
  15. Can't get over that evil ambient track he played first thing, deffo not a Stone in Focus remix, sounds like a London EP/Collapse-era track, super dark and sad but so epic and evil at the same time, really one of the best things I've heard of him in that style, so simple but so effective, hope he releases it and I hope it's longer than 90 seconds. Also the female voice sounds like the one on MT1. It's like (hopefully) a glimpse into the next era of AFX and I couldn't be more excited.
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