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  1. Yeah that's it. The visuals of foldfaced Irish public figures got big cheers.
  2. On a side note, I don't know if they get much attention here but Booka Shade played on Saturday and they were phenomenal. They were before Orbital and honestly they were much better. Orbital were good, but they just didn't bang.
  3. It truly was. Bringing Ryan out was just so sweet. The Analord track was Cilonen. It was so strange when it came on because the overall sound was incredibly loud and intense and then I could just hear bumbum bumbum bumbumbumbumbumbumbumbum sneaking in. The mix was great, especially for outdoor, loads of definition in the sound.
  4. It was absolutely stunning. I was right up the front so I can't comment on whether the whole crowd was into it but man... he killed it. I think he played a lot of unreleased stuff. Could have been others' but a lot of it had the Aphex feel. One track sounded really like Squarepusher (the big sine drop one for anyone who was there) but I didn't know it, could be unreleased! As for his own released stuff there was (floating in god mix), chink 101 and one of the Analords which came out of absolutely fucking nowhere! (I know the track but can't think of the name, maybe Reunion 2). Visuals were class, music was totally banging and he brought Ryan Wyer out after he finished! It was lovely, him and his family came out to applause. All in all it was spectacular. No vinyl onsale.
  5. I think if you think about what you want to be the track to be too soon you'll end up creating anxiety for yourself. Generally I just mess around with sounds until something strikes me and then just keep going with it. Normally this makes me end up with forty maybe-fitting-together parts to a song and then I just try to make something out of the randomness I've made up. I think as long as you don't go in with strict expectations it's easier to enjoy it.
  6. The vibe on this is right on. If his new stuff is going to have this sound, my favourite Aphex Twin album isn't even out yet.
  7. I like this a lot more than I expected. As an album overall it's grand, and it fits together as a whole. I shouldn't have been so critical I suppose.
  8. Frank Ocean - Blond. Really, really fucking good, totally lived up to my expectations. There are so many moments of pure emotion on it. Ween - 12 Golden Country Greats. Bit of a gimmick, and nowhere near as good as the Mollusk, but a good laugh nonetheless.
  9. These are basically just shit versions of classic songs. They're still alright, but as each song comes out it just becomes more and more apparent that Metallica lost it when Jason Newsted left and are never going to produce anything really impressive again, despite getting our hopes up here and there. It's quite obvious that they're masters of writing this type of song, but we've heard so many iterations of the same thing that there's actually no point in listening to them anymore. Not just Metallica either, this seems to happen to every rock band in the end. Honestly, how can they be excited to go on tour after eight years of playing the same songs. What's the point in going to see Metallica play Battery in 2016? Who the fuck cares?
  10. I used to have a YouTube converted version of this before I got the CD, which had Cornish Acid going at twice the speed. The only tracks I really listen to anymore are Fingerbib and Yellow Calx. It's weird, it's the album that got me into Aphex and I listened to it exclusively for ages and now I never have any desire to put it on. Still great.
  11. Indeed. What was up with the apathy towards drukqs back in 2001?
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