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  1. Are you saying this because of the demoscene vibes you got from the video? Same here with the 3d ascii text business, though of course much more advanced. No, it was because it reminded me of the type of visual that were around when I first listened to Aphex stuff. I’m an old man :) The demoscene stuff is new to me, will have a look at what’s going on. Thanks.
  2. Love it - look forward to hearing the rest of the EP. Video is great, this is what I wanted from my Amiga a600, many, many years ago.
  3. It looks like a pair of ears. It would great if you stood in the middle and the album was played on a loop.
  4. Cool ! Great pics, thanks for sharing! No problem, thanks :)
  5. Some pics from the night. http://www.azzphoto.uk/news/#jp-carousel-426
  6. I can't write anything better than the previous posts. Incredibly loud moments, and amazing subtle stuff, sounds evolving into new sounds. I was really looking forward to this, and was not let down. An amazing experience, still thinking about it now.
  7. The recent dump has been excellent. More dumping please. Metal gate, Tsim 2, 11 Flabbard ... Agreed on the constant requests, just relax and see what arrives people. Don't piss him off, etc
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