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  1. https://kirkdegiorgiopresentsasone.bandcamp.com/campaign/reflections Crowdfunding campaign for a remastered repress vinyl edition is soon coming to a close.
  2. Classic era Warp records sound. As above, the previews don't do it justice. Slots in nicely with the B12 collection and the new John Shima l.p.
  3. His track 'Comedy' from ages ago is such a good tune for a night out. Will definitely check the new releases out, cheers.
  4. It would be good if they included download codes with the vinyl so you could get the full tracklist. Without it the limited edition Record Store Day release is a bit less tempting.
  5. Available for a limited period to all then only to Patreon subscribers.
  6. Would also like this to happen. Got a rough sounding copy of Bytes a good copy of Dimension Intrusion but don't have Ginger. De-Orbit on vinyl would be very nice. Time Tourist re-press sounds fantastic, hopefully the others will get the same treatment.
  7. Ok. Next up: Archived 8, then Environments 6 + 6.5 Thanks, I have some catching up to do. Start with Environment 5
  8. What do you anticipate? I imagine it's an Aphex Twin proper release (rather than a pseudonym). Do the Aphex Twin symbols appear on marketing for any of his pseudonym releases? Analord had an Aphex symbol on it (even though it was done under his AFX pseudonym and published on Rephlex)... I am sure there are other examples. That would be pretty neat, actually! oh right, chosen lords Not just Chosen Lords - the binder cover, and Analord 10Analogue Bubblebath 3 CD had aphex logo bubbles on one version. ABB 4 had a logo on the back.
  9. The subway artwork might just be promo material for SAW 85-92 repress which is out this week. (Worst case scenario).
  10. looks like it was released may 22. anyone receive it? Got it a few weeks ago, it did ship if you are wondering/waiting for a delivery.
  11. Very much interested in this. A Time Tourist 2 accompany record also?
  12. Available for pre-order on bandcamp....
  13. They contacted me for confirmation of address a few weeks ago but no delivery yet.
  14. Pretty darn different, in both production and track order Here's the released version: 1 The Lovers 6:04 2 The Isness 3:00 3 The Mello Hippo Disco Show 5:25 4 Goodbye Sky (Reprise) 1:14 5 Elysian Feels 4:47 6 Go Tell It To The Trees Egghead 4:28 7 Divinity 7:27 8 Guru Song 2:49 9 Osho 2:14 10 Her Tongue Is Like A Jellyfish 2:34 11 Meadows 3:29 12 High Tide On The Sea Of Flesh 5:27 13 The Galaxial Pharmaceutical 14:32 And this mispress/abbey road version: 1 Elysian Feels 6:03 2 The Mello Hippo Disco Show 4:32 3 Goodbye Sky (Reprise) 1:10 4 Osho 2:14 5 The Galaxial Pharmaceutical 15:03 6 Yes My Brother 0:52 7 Go Tell It To The Trees Egghead 5:31 8 Divinity 7:57 9 Guru Song 3:45 10 Her Tongue Is Like A Jellyfish 2:33 11 Meadows 3:28 12 High Tide On The Sea Of Flesh 5:25 13 Goodbye Sky 4:43 The running order definitely makes more sense this way (e.g. ending the thing with a finale track 'Goodbye Sky' rather than dumping a snippet of it bang in the middle of the album), and IMO everything is just so much better and should've been the version that came out. Cheers
  15. They were selling Accelerator vinyl repress so maybe Lifeforms at some point soon too
  16. Is it going to be released as a special edition or anything like that or just the version available on Norman Records? Anyone know?
  17. Book + mp3 + print - available. Book + mp3 + print + hoodie (M) - out of stock. Hoodie only (M) - in stock. Strange.
  18. You don't like the look of them or you have one and it's not good quality?
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