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  1. My new EP was released yesterday. It can be downloaded for free here: https://andersbrorby.bandcamp.com/album/and-all-became-death ”And All Became Death” is a musical journey from the last moments in life and into eternity. The title track is a 13-minute trip, a sound collage and a ambient death requiem. The other, shorter tracks are beat based, experimental electronic tracks, focusing on the same themes, as well as loss and memories from a post-apocalyptic world"
  2. Last week my new album "Holiday Affairs" was released on feral delight records. It´s a mixture of ambient synths, field recordings and acoustic songwriting. Check it out here if you wish: https://andersbrorby.bandcamp.com/album/holiday-affairs
  3. In march I released my first album on Feral Delight-records. It's quite inspired by the great John Balance and Sleazy, and it was made to be my soundtrack to an imaginary apocalyspe-movie or something like that. Here's a track from it: https://m.soundcloud.com/anders-br-rby/their-last-moments-together Full album here: http://andersbrorby.bandcamp.com/album/you-were-there-with-me
  4. Good work! This was brilliant late-night headphone music. Keep up the good work!
  5. Thanks! I´ve yet to hear the new Totland record, but I love "Recount". These guys are totally awesome.
  6. The whole album is pretty much fantastic. Love the mellowness in it. 2014 is such an amazing year for albums! Pretty funny, as "everyone" seems to be saying how dead the album is..
  7. Wow, this was awesome! Another great album on a great label.
  8. Hi! I`m a new member here, and since I`ve been lurking around for ages, I thought it was about time to register! I want to recommend the new album by Erik K Skodvin, since it`s one of my favourites this year (and this year has been amazing in music!) and it felt like recomending something was a good thing to do in a first post. The album is released in a limited edition, with a beautiful book-like cover.
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